Driving NEM adoption & utility

This partially comes from my frustration at not knowing how NEM adoption is being targeted and driven for real world applications, and it partially comes from a platform exploitation idea I would like to pitch to a colleague.

If you are interested it is a capital infrastructure project, which would revert to a revenue generating asset once the project is commissioned.

My colleague knows nothing about blockchain, is well funded to deliver this sort of project via private money, sells his assets to government and large corporates. From the outside he has no need to use blockchain but I think he could massively grow his business by doing so. I need to talk to him with authority and I am not sure where to start …

To help me I have a number of questions, and some thoughts to share:

How is NEM adoption being driven? It seems to me that when the tech can do an awful lot and be applied to almost anything, and our options are endless, it is really important to get focused on a number of use cases so we can lobby real world businesses to utilise NEM. It is great the price of XEM is rising, but without adoption and real world exploitation it is vulnerable to speculators, without adoption this great tech will fall when the hot money needs to pay rent (please don’t react to this by accusing me of FUD - it is simple business logic, you cannot deliver long term value without real world exploitation, I want to help build that real world value).

I believe that we need to get real world business to engage from outside. We are a train waiting for passengers. I think we need to do this by demonstrating the value to their business or sector, and demonstrate that we know the risks of adoption and how to mitigate key sector risks … In short we need to pick our winners and market to them with authority. It has to be easier than it is now.

Seems to me we could build a number of sector champions who would facilitate industry adoption, this would also lead to sector specific investor groups who would support any particular initiative (expertise, connection, collaboration). Our communities could also cooperate for knowledge transfer and upskilling.

  • Is this already happening, if so where?
  • Who is driving specific use case or sector adoption?
  • What industry forums are we represented at?
  • Are there any training assets to make adoption easy?

And just in case anyone here has knowledge of my sector: energy, do feel free to get in touch.