Earning nem (XEM) coins


hi begining on nem network how to set up and earn XEM coin ??


Hi @Nicholas_Zohl,
Thank you for visiting NEM Forum. To answer your question, you need to download NEM Nanowallet, setup your account, and buy XEM (at least 10,000 XEM) from exchanges and transfer to your wallet. You need a vested balance of 10,000 XEM before you can start harvesting. If you want a higher passive earnings, you can buy at least 3,000,000 XEM and become a supernode. You can visit the following links which can guide you in setting up your account for harvesting:




Harvesting is low profit. Very profit for supernode.


you can earn NEM by using www.CryptoCashbackCoin.com


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Ok thank u


Also you can use this site for earn more Xem
it is NEM Faucet