Ecobit : world's first-ever green project ico (based on nem blockchain)

Care about the next generation? Want to make a couple of bucks at the same time?




EcoBit - The world’s first green ICO, based on the NEM Blockchain

Remember to use the special rewards link when signing up.

What does EcoBit do?

  • EcoBit’s funds are used to participate in green-related projects (see below).
  • The returns from the projects are reinvested in developing more green projects, which benefit the communities and token holders, plus provides an income stream to token holders.

What kind of projects is EcoBit pursuing?

  • Carbon credit projects - the 1st major project secured by EcoBit is the 30-year concession over 1 million acres of forested land. In return for managing the forested area, and performing a carbon audit, EcoBit will have a 55%:45% profit sharing over the carbon credits with 55% going to the stage government (that awarded the concession) and 45% going to Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd (the company undertaking the EcoBit issuance).
  • Spirulina Farm
  • Aquaponic Farm
  • EcoBit Hotel & Eco Tourism
  • Free Range Farm
  • EcoBit Blockchain Bank
  • Coconut Plantation

Who are the people behind EcoBit?

EcoBit’s team has brought together people from across the spectrum. Technology, policy, legal and blockchain advisors have come together to develop this promising opportunity. The team is large and diverse and includes hardware, software & marketing specialists.

EcoBit’s underlying technology is based on the NEM platform, and enjoys the support of the NEM development team. Symbolizing this, one of the team members is Lon Wong, the current president of the Foundation.

Early adopter rewards

If you sign up using this link, you will receive an additional bonus on the EcoBit tokens awarded to your account (e.g. 4% bonus in the 1st 10 days). PM with your username so that it can be correctly credited.
Sign up to EcoBit, using the special early adopter rewards link

ICO details

After months of prep work, including progress on real-world projects, the ICO launch date is 9th April 2017.
During the 1st 10 days, 1 EcoBit = US$0.03 (approx. 0.00003 BTC per EcoBit token at US$1,000 per BTC).
From Day 11 to Day 60, the price of 1 EcoBit rises by US$0.0003 a day (1% a day).
Day 11, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0303
Day 12, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0306
Day 13, 1 EcoBit = US$0.0309

Day 60, 1 EcoBit = US$0.045
After this date, the ICO is closed and will not be re-opened.

Note: BTC, ETH and XEM prices fluctuate during the ICO period, and therefore, any conversion to EcoBit is dependent on the prevailing price.

Adopt early, and get an up-to-50% discount compared to later adopters.

What currencies are accepted during the ICO?
You may convert BTC, ETH and XEM to EcoBit during the ICO.
Note: XEM integration is complete!

Remember to use the special rewards link above when signing up!

Frequently Asked Questions

EcoBit is blockchain digital crypto token/coin which is decentralised and 100% transparent.

Eco-capital - also known as green capital - is a representation of “nature’s economic value”, a term used for natural living things; natural resources such as forests, water and air; and all natural assets such as the cap and trade system, and carbon trading (putting a price on carbon emission into the atmosphere). Eco-Capital is aimed for use to resolve environmental issues.

There’s so many reasons why you should participate in EcoBit. Firstly, EcoBit has a huge potential to deliver exceptionally high returns (REDD+ carbon trading and green sustainable projects). Secondly, investing in EcoBit is also a means to invest in a greener future. Thirdly, as a member of the EcoBit family, you will receive many benefits and perks. Fourthly, EcoBit not only focuses on green economy, but it also focuses on healthy living (Spirulina farm and Aquaponics Farm). Last but not least, EcoBit is on a mission to spread its green initiatives globally by educating people on green and sustainable projects by riding on its one-of- a-kind eco-tourism EcoBit Sanctuary hotel as a green education hub accessible to all EcoBit participants.

EcoBit has a huge potential because the projects that EcoBit ventures in are mostly undervalued and present enormous potential growth in the first place. In EcoBit Phase 1 is a project involving a 30-year concession of 1-million acre tropical forest from a Malaysian State Government. It consists of a voluntary carbon credit trading in a REDD+ voluntary carbon credit in VCU, hence, buying EcoBit will have a recurring income for 30 years in the carbon market. It is an emerging market that is heavily invested by big companies like Allianz, Zurich Insurance, Microsoft, and etc. Besides returns from the Carbon Market, EcoBit Phase 2 projects consist of sustainable, green and clean projects, which will also bring potential for a long term basis. Two key projects currently targeted are the Spirulina Farm and the Aquaponics Farm. These will contribute in the green economy that is already an extremely trending market that people are focusing on these days. There are also referral bonuses offered for those who recommend EcoBit to other investors.

All EcoBit projects are sustainable, with green initiatives and are health oriented. Every purchase of EcoBit will contribute to our EcoBit green projects and that will directly reduce the carbon footprint in our atmosphere. Thus, the more EcoBit you own, the greater the contribution you are making for a greener future. EcoBit is available to anyone, from anywhere in the world which creates opportunities for individuals that have the desire to protect mother earth while earning returns.

There are many perks you will receive depending on the amount of EcoBit you have. Some of the perks include free produce and organic products to bring home weekly, free stays at the EcoBit Sanctuary hotel and many others. You can find out more at our main website or by emailing [email protected]

Phase 2 projects include Spirulina Farming, Aquaponics Farming, Honey Farming, Free Range Organic Chicken and Duck Farms. All these projects will create food and provide health benefits to people. Apart from that, we will be able to create a full blockchain supply chain for all our products. This means you can be assured 100% from where your food originated and you can trace it real-time in blockchain. As an EcoBit owner, you will get free access to all the farms and bring home the produce weekly (*terms and conditions apply). Find out more at our main website or emailing [email protected]

There are a few ways to earn EcoBit: Firstly , you can buy EcoBit directly, by signing up for the EcoBit ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Buying EcoBit during ICO presents you the advantage of purchasing EcoBit at its wholesale price. EcoBit ICO is limited to 8,888,888,888 units and with a limited time of 60 days. If you missed the EcoBit ICO at the discounted price, you can only purchase EcoBit via public exchange platform (a free and open market platform where users can buy and sell EcoBit). Please take note that the prices of EcoBit on these public exchange platforms will be higher because this is not the wholesale price that was offered during the ICO. Secondly, you can work part-time or full time on EcoBit projects and teams. You will get paid in EcoBit, which you can use and gain benefits. Thirdly, you can recycle aluminium cans in our “Aluminium Can Recycling Vending Machine” which offers you EcoBits in return for your efforts to help mother nature.

Remember to use the special rewards link above when signing up!


Can’t you send XEMs? I only see addresses to pay in btc and eth.
Are you from ecobit? Is the referral link you gave an official ecobit link or is it your personal account?

I have also been wondering about purchasing with XEM it is the only cryptocurrency that I am vested in. I do not want to have to exchange it for a fee in order to get in on the ico. Why, if its built on NEM, can’t we use NEM’s currency XEM?

Please bear with us a little while more. Right now the XEM deposits are direct to the team account and reflected on the page. The ability to deposit XEM directly via the individual accounts will up within the next 48 hours, and is presently being tested.

awesome. didn’t read this until now. hoppin over to buy in.

What public exchange platform do you anticipate launching on please?

Hi - the target is to place the tokens on major platforms e.g. Poloniex. However, the team certainly would like to place the tokens on other exchanges e.g. Bittrex, etc.

Hello! How can I get purchased tokens from the site member Ecobit?
Nobody wants to answer this question.

You missed the ICO, you will have to wait until ecobit is listed at an exchange. I do not know when ecobit will be listed. I am not affiliated with ecobit.

I have tokens Ecobit, but I do not know how to bring them to my wallet NEM as Asset. This is the problem.


Right now, your tokens will be in the proof of stake (POS) Vault. To
withdraw it to your personal wallet, go to your dashboard and withdraw to
your Ecobit wallet. From there, you can withdraw to your NEM wallet.

Thx, friend! Its good news!

Update for everyone :slight_smile:

Firstly, your Ecobits can be withdrawn from your Proof of Stake wallet to your normal Ecobit wallet.
If you don’t do anything, you will keep accruing income on your POS wallet.

Secondly, Ecobit has been listed on Cryptopia. If you have not opened an account yet, you can consider using the link below.

Once it is setup, you can withdraw your Ecobit to Cryptopia. Note that it is cheaper to move Ecobit on Cryptopia (0.01 Ecobit fee).

It has now been listed on Cryptopia. Trading between 0.00005 and 0.0001 BTC per Ecobit.

Why in my personal account the price is 0.0471, and at the exchange 0.06 usd???

Great information!
Not much aware of this Ecobit ICO till now but looking good to invest on.