Education and certifications

I am compelled to share my journey in NEM.

When I joined NEM in late June 2018, I was tasked to create syllabus to train developers to be familiarised with NEM. I was given 6 months to do that. After the framework was drawn and before the syllabus was completed, there were requests from universities in the Philippines for help in setting up blockchain elective course. The PH team and I jumped right into the opportunity. Since then, I was on steroid to complete the syllabus in order to start training the lecturers in Nov 2018. It was a day and night, 7 days a week kind of battle. Luckily, I have my teammate, Shin Tatt and Anthony, who tirelessly answered to my questions and gave me comments about improving the materials. The syllabus was completed within 4 months and expanded to fit the requirements of higher education, and since then it has underwent few rounds of review.

Came November 2018, Ateneo De la Manila and Lyceum of the Philippnes were trained and they both rolled out the elective course in January 2019. About 40 students enrolled in the elective course. As of today, 7 universities/colleges (total of 17 branches) and about 70 lecturers have been trained. 4 universities/colleges (14 branches) will start to offer blockchain courses in June 2019.

In December 2018, realising that there were 8 universities interested in offering Blockchain courses, we saw the need of having a proper planning to capitalize on the syllabus built and create streams of income. Hence, I prepared a proposal for a global education unit and a certification system. The updated proposal and the initial proposal are available here.

It was a wrong timing. NEM Foundation went on restructuring. However, requests from universities and colleges never stop and we continue to fulfil the promises made earlier in training the universities and colleges. In view of the urgency of sustainability, in my humble opinion, certification and membership are the least investment needed, and fastest way in generating income. There are 2 reasons behind this. First, as I went around conducting trainings, there are multiple requests for certification. Though they may not represent the majority, there is no harm in offering it. Second, certification and membership may seems not generating huge income, however, it is a recurring and rolling income that in a long run, may snow ball.

Education is the inseparable twin of certification and membership. I think, I need not further explain on this obvious point. The syllabus is available here. I hope it is of some value to you too.

I must admit that I learned a lot more while I was sharing in the trainings. Not only I learnt more about blockchain, but also about the education system in the Philippines, how to train better and how to work as a team globally. A shout out to the PH team who without them, we wouldn’t have this report card. Appreciation to Richard who willing to exhaust his network to bring in the education institutes, and the team members, Emerson, Julius, Alex and Danrei in handling the ground works and help with the trainings. There are other unsung hero who have lent us their helping hands in one way or another. The following is the list of education institutes that the team has engaged (7 more shown their interest earlier this year):

Lyceum of the Philippines, manila
Ateneo De la Philippines
Asia Pacific College
ICCT Colleges (8 branches)
University of Makati
Jose Rizal University
Our Lady of Fatima University (4 branches)

To be trained:
Holy Angel University

As of now, to fulfil the promises, we are training the remaining universities on our own accord. The proposal and the syllabus are far from perfect, I know. However, we do not need a perfect product to act, so we did. And I must say, we should give ourselves a pat at our back. If in any way you find that the plan and the syllabus are something that you are looking for, feel free to use it and share with me of any improvement you make on them. Though many may say that syllabus covers mostly on NIS1, in my opinion, some parts of the knowledge about NIS1 still apply in NEM2.

I strongly believe that certification shall come from the NEM Foundation. I hope one day I will be able to help escalate the education and certifications to a global level, starting from the Philippines. Till then.


At some point, I was invited to attend a NEM Philippines event at Ateneo, one of the top universities in the Philippines. Jeff McDonald explained blockchain with ease to the student attendees. However, it was the 2nd topic discussing the lack of blockchain talent globally that made me realize the reason why blockchain is still not gaining interest despite all the blockchain communities in the Philippines… despite all the blockchain events, the blockchain meetups, the big speakers, the partnerships, all these things are happening in the Philippines yet while many don’t know blockchain, those companies who do and have interest cannot find talent. Or at least, they still need to train people on their own, and training their own requires pre-knowledge before they can do that.

The blockchain courses designed by NEM Philippines I think is a social activity meant to increase the number of students who are, in one or two years from now, will become experts in blockchain development, specifically NEM blockchain development. If NEM is the most developer-friendly blockchain out there, if it is a plug-and-play blockchain as mentioned in many articles, companies with potential blockchain use case (for example, a supply chain company that wants to put transactions or whatever to the blockchain) will look for a blockchain that is easier to implement with their legacy infrastructure, and who is going to do that? Will they look for a developer with 20 years experience and new into blockchain or a fresh graduate who is already an expert on blockchain, specifically into NEM?

To sum up, it will provide opportunity for businesses that wants to look into blockchain, it provides opportunity for people to provide this extremely scarce service, and as for NEM, it will provide more people who know how to deal with the blockchain, enticing more people to develop on it, build on top of it, or even move their entire businesses on it. The token economics will then move favorably if people see that projects are being built on NEM. I think that’s something everyone knows but just do not know where to start.

The initiative starts at the very grassroots for talent - the school. Not every working developer out there will take the plunge to learn blockchain unless their companies told them or train them. Not every freelance devs will spend the next months focusing on learning blockchain if expenses will keep piling. The school is the best place to hone this talent because the student and their parents expect the school to be the place that will train the students, what with the money they pay for tuition.

Additionally, school has the most trust and "acceptance" when it comes to defining skills and talent. One can learn blockchain through articles online, but learning blockchain on school, admit it, has more merit than that at least for interviewing companies. Students and everyone else will trust the university more than an online resource. An interviewer, 90% of them, will give more weight if the skill is learned at school, especially for fresh grads and people who are still just 1 - 3 years in the workforce.


Bull’s eye.

Another bull’s eye.

Hi ivyfung8.I know you of the contributor.
Thank you for the wonderful activities.

Are you requesting money from the NEM Foundation?
Does this thread’s meaning mean you want NEM Foundation to money?

In view of the urgency of sustainability, in my humble opinion, certification and membership are the least investment needed, and fastest way in generating income. There are 2 reasons behind this. First, as I went around conducting trainings, there are multiple requests for certification. Though they may not represent the majority, there is no harm in offering it. Second, certification and membership may seems not generating huge income, however, it is a recurring and rolling income that in a long run, may snow ball.

No. On the contrary, I wish to bring in money.

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Do you want to define NEM certification exams?
Do you want to make a exams business?

How about the NEM Philippine team establishing a NEM education company?
The new foundation focuses on products.
Do you think the priority and importance of what you say is really high for the new NEM Foundation?

If your idea is useful, venture capitalists will fund you.

Totally aware that foundation focuses on products, and the priority and importance are not for what I proposed. However, I am made to understand that sustainability is of utmost importance too and there are many who knew that I have the materials prepared came asking me to share. Hence, it was shared and hope that would contribute to the cause.

If there is VCs willing to invest in this, why not?!

As for NEM Philippines, to my knowledge, they are now not attach to NF and work to fulfil promises that have been made previously.

Many might have confused that I am from the NEM Philippines. I am Technical Trainer from Malaysia. However, I have been working very closely with NEM PH as they involved me in the early stage of the planning for the education while I was developing the syllabus. I would recon that the programme took off well in Philippines due to the constant communication.

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I guess that is not up to me though I would very much want to.

I have a question. What is training?
NEM can handle anyone with API.
Usage is various. It depends on what you want to make. This can not be obtained by training. Developers can combine APIs to embody images.

Is training a place to explain the API?
Is it the basic course of blockchains for beginners?
Is it a place to explain NEM to beginners? 101?

What kind of qualification?


Answers available here:
GitHub - ivyfung1/syllabus: Syllabus for Blockchain Training
GitHub - ivyfung1/Education-Proposal: Education and Certification Proposal
Thank you.

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Thank you for making.
It looks good as a basic lecture.

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Are there any online courses to be familiarised more with NEM?

Again and again, until this very day, I was being told that we need trainings in Catapult. Hear, hear! According to the proposal, it was suppose to be included in the syllabus by end 2018. I did, following the information at when it was Bison. There are hitches and glitches as the milestones progressed.

The courses I made it is indeed basic and it was intended to start that way. Most people who are in this has been in the Blockchain space for sometimes and those information is not exciting for you, I totally agree. However, to take thing to mass adoption, we need more, much more than just us in the community. It needs to grow. And the best way I see, is from education. Teaching institutes are where the future are being built. Convince a teacher, he/she will helps you to convince thousands. For those of them, what I have prepared and made is already heavy. However, if we don’t start somewhere, the gap will still be there.

This is what I see and hence what I do. And I invite you to see what I am seeing, and perhaps, join force with me.

Thank you for sharing!

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