Elections 2021/2022

9 months left to vote for a new Nem Foundation government, be prepared for new candidates, any suggestions?

jeff McDonald- president

Alex to remain President, if possible - she has been doing an amazing job, in not so easy circumstances.
Jeff for Vice President or equivalent.

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Laura out (We didnt even elect her the last time, she is only here cause she is the friend of Alex lol)
Alex out

For the others, I want to see who will be candidate before deciding.

Hope that we will have people with big background and education (As well as crypto market knowledge ofc) amoung the candidates.

Last time, we had not lot of choice

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Alex finish this year. 2021 new president

Alex good job and Laura too.

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This is mean spirited and untrue. Laura was originally brought in by Nelson Valero in 2018 to help awareness in Thailand and Asia. She helped bring in a partner that put in $3M into a supernode and was key to helping us work with the United Nations (where she formerly worked.)

Honestly, she was also a key contributor to helping the Foundation evolve in 2019 during the restructure. She did an outstanding job and the entire Council voted her in (as well as a few other subject matter experts/leaders including Greg Evias, Karen Cohen and Niko Maenapaa) as interim Council Members. The entire senior leadership team recognized Laura’s value to managing communities, projects and partners. The senior leadership team understood her contributions were important and unanimously elected her into the role as Secretariat. She is performing exactly as we knew she would and we are a better community having people like her in it.


We’ll have more information in the distant future about the Foundation and our views on governance, NIS1/Symbol support, and how we do better together.

In the mean time, be kind and calm. How we speak about the product and people behind the product determines the kind of culture and community we create. After a year of withstanding a brutal bear market, we all want to see NEM and Symbol succeed. Attacks are not the way.


I Wait good future symbol and nem. I no attacked u

Hi Eddy,

Thank you for the support. I have been working with NEM now for 5 years, and I am dedicated to work through the launch of Symbol and see it gain adoption, but I’m not sure if I’m the best fit to be President or Vice President.

Whoever is leading us then, I will support to my best abilities like I have Alex. It is an incredibly hard job for anybody to do and I think she has done a lot of great job despite having constantly been thrown curve balls and obstacles to overcome.


Thanks Jeff. I trust u words. Thanks

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I just want to add a few words here, many professionals work very hard so that the name of NEM is always the protagonist in the news and is always an attractive option for the ecosystem of companies that explore to implement Blockchain. To shoot accusations about members of our team is to shoot all of us.

The great efforts that have been made from the presidency have been remarkable and in 100% of the results that each vertical shows as an achievement, it has always been discussed, evaluated and approved by the leadership team. 2019 It has been a very rough year taking into account that we come from a strong bear market throughout the ecosystem, but this allowed us to organize and structure ourselves much better for the times that come in the bull market. Now we are a company with different verticals and professionals committed to the brand, always working towards putting NEM’s name and technology as one of the best options to take when thinking about blockchain.

I ask you to please do not make any more personal accusations, since each of us, including Alex and Laura, do an endless work and do it with the heart and the best intention of giving our best.


I was referring to Issou’s comment above, not yours. :wink:


I want to say that Laura has been excellent in her role as Secretary. Throughout her role, she has been active in all our weekly council meetings and have been fantastic in her administrative abilities. She also supported the social media engagements and is now leading the majority of the key forum post announcements. In fact of all of us, Laura has been the most active with engagement with the community.

Furthermore, she was crucial in a lot of the activities in Thailand and building a presence there, which also led to the contribution in supernode funding etc. that Alex mentioned.


I want to take note that on top of what you see Alex and Jeff do, the Council and rest of the team have been working hard especially in the last few months as we work towards the launch.

There has been tremendous work behind the scenes to make sure that everyone is working on their given roles and responsibilities.

Geographically, we are spread out across all the continents (except Antartica) and there are many things to manage. There are IT systems, software management, communications and engagement, working with partners, the media and contratual obligations to manage plus more.

We believe the community is important in the continuity of NEM.

Thanks @eddy, @nevermined and @issou for asking the questions, you have brought this to the attention of the team and we want to live up to the roles we have.


Council members, don’t worry about the next election. Focus on what you need to do now and show the results. We can only imagine how much effort you are doing on a daily task. So please show the result. That’s all. Thanks for your efforts and patience.


I am totally agree with Jeff, been a leader is not that easy. it requires dedication and courage. I only joined Nem for a short period of time, but what i can tell is that both Alex and Laura has done a fantastic job.
We appreciate the support from our community and we are open for any advice, however, i wish people can be rational about their comments, some are inappropriate and lack of truth. it’s unfair to Nem foundation & community
Let’s work together and make Nem bigger and better


Heads down and nose to the grindstone. It’s why I haven’t popped up lately - there is just so much to do to prepare for launch.
I appreciate everyone’s kind words, and actionable criticisms! I take everything onboard to try and improve more and more.


While I respect your opinion and you have every right to it, I would second Alex in clearing up a definite misunderstanding around ‘Alex bringing on Laura because they were friends’.
I was originally hired by Nelson in 2018 - approved by Stephen Chia as Regional Head of SEA, In Thailand we have a very solid partner who actually invested (apologies to Alex for the correction) $4 million USD in super nodes. We have two co-working spaces, a really close relationship with Rangsit University, and the current Thai Government. Even though I moved to a global role for comms and as Secretary and so had to cut extensively back on Thai activities, we were recently invited to a roundtable meeting with the Thai Ministry of Education to discuss putting blockchain into the public curriculum.

Did Thailand go the way I had hoped? No, I wanted to do so much more, but for a myriad of reasons, that didn’t happen.

My role for the past year has been markedly different and I liaise with almost every vertical in NEM. I love my work, have great ideas that I want to implement, and hope I get to continue this journey with Symbol.


I know that she came thanks to Nelson (You forgot Stephan Chia and Emerson because they have bad reputation here and you dont want her to be linked with those people ? :)"

I just mean “she is in the council thanks to you because we didnt vote for her”

Her job was to “help awareness in thailand” yes. And since I know thailand a lot, the locals and the crypto fans there, NOBODY knows NEM in Thailand.

No thai company use NEM and even no thai exchanges listed XEM so locals couldnt even buy it if they knew it.

Even herself, while she is actually defending herself, she said “Did Thailand go the way I had hoped? No”

So yeah, she failed as Head of NEM Thailand.

Now, all the NEM FOUNDATION come to say “Laura is the best”. Ofc you work together, I’ve never seen people from the same company saying "my collegue is useless (or something like this) so the conversation has no point now.

We will wait election and community will decide.

NOTE: I spoke about Laura but I can speak about many people in the foundation. Hope it will change soon and we will get people with a big background (Ex employes of big companies etc…) instead of looking like a small startup.

Have a good day all.