Encouraging all candidates to be active in forums

Dear candidates for the NEM elections, members and NEM community,

I am initiating this post to encourage all candidates to start getting active in the NEM forum so that we can provide an accurate perspective to members and the community about your strategies and policies planned.

Other channels like Telegram, Reddit and various social media platforms are also encouraged. I do feel that the forum is the best way to communicate and could function as the central point to ensure that everyone is making an ‘educated’ decision when it comes to deciding who they should vote for. Let this election focus on the strategies, policies and capability or the candidates rather than a popularity contest. We have very able candidates and this is the best time to showcase your potential.

A few suggested guidelines if I may:

  • Speak with professionalism and courtesy

  • No swearing and foul language (let us keep the conversation clean)

  • Always contribute bearing in mind that this is a public forum and practically anyone can have access to it

  • Focus on your ideas (not talking about people) and how we can execute on our policies and strategies

  • Remember that even though not everyone will end up being in the council or ExCo, your input will bear weight to how the future council may be making decisions

I would like to give a shout out to other candidates who have been previously active in forums already, I do admit that we should all have been active throughout the year but it is never too late to start participating now and to keep up the momentum.

Feel free to open up new topics, contribute to existing conversations and start engaging with everyone else who are committed to building a bright future for NEM!


Reality here Jason is that a most voters do not post in the forum.
So then candidates are selling to folk with nothing to do.
Show me all the voters that post and view their rate in this forum.
Also the candidates rarely post, even when Lon was president, very few posts few posts here.


Very Well Jason!!!

I think we should try to change that in 2019. I’ve been looking at how other blockchain foundations operate and forums (besides social media channels) are still a good way to read, comment and gain understanding. We should encourage members and the community to point them towards a ‘source of information’ if they are truly interested in the future of NEM. Unless there is something else we can explore? Open to ideas, we are all learning and growing and trying out best.


Funny to see this topic. I was wondering where all the NEM Fundation employees are, and finally end of 2018 they all registered in the NEM Forum. Coincidence? :wink: @jason.lee I really hope this recent activity of yours isn’t only related to elections, but you are genuinely interested in community opinions.


Tony, many people inside NF are not community or forum people. They are busy working in the daily basis. You can see this approach with some Europe and Asia staff.
However Jason always was active in telegram and specially face to face with the community not only in Australia but also whereas he traveled he has a special skill for bring new people to NEM.
But Jason is right and NOW is the moment to don’t be at silence. Candidates can’t expect to launch their policies and wait (unless you are campaigning other places we don’t know or you are super confident to get elected without saying a word).

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You should take your time to read their policies. They all claim to be :wink: And let’s face the facts, I didn’t see them either helping people on telegram, maybe except Alex, Jeff, Mark and Nelson.


Hi Jason.

We are already using the forum.
Tony and Ricardo also uses a forum.

Will not you use it if the election is over?
Even without elections, this forum should always be seen.

Yes agree. Something a lot of us need to admit is that the forum is an important point of communication to the members and community. That is a shortcoming from my side and I agree that needs to change. So this message is a message to myself too and to all others too.

The reason why we have low subscription here is we are move concentrating on Telegram. I sometimes wonder few NEM community members don’t have anything else to do but Telegram 24/7. Are they getting paid to TG? And they say it’s not their full time job. I’m seriously wondering how in the world are they getting such free time to track the freaking Telegram.

The new President and community must focus more in forum rather than TG.


Look at this.
It looks like spam.
should post it on the forum

Well I think there is a balance, constant posting on a forum does not necessarily mean much either.
I mean the forum was slow, few posted, the forum gathers momentum, some have seen this as a place to post.
To be fair Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and the likes have imho been the preferred platform for communications in the last 5-10 years or so, even Facebook (dare I mention it?).
This does not even come close to a lot of apps that are gaining popularity,wechat, whatapp, Dischord, TikTok is there one called weibo? just to name a few even an +40 yr old like me can name.
Funny thing is, is this actually a ground for communication or indeed a cast net for huge corporations advertising and government whatnot?
Its no wonder information is being thrown into the abyiss at a random rate, how can one keep up with an audience that resides on 100 or more platforms? yeah the big guys can because they own all the infrastructure and have the computing power to mince everything down into a sausage.
It may be a different story for the smaller guys who do not have these resources.
I knows its a spanner in the works, but it is true.
Just a thought.

EDIT: Also to be fair I have always been a critic of the lack of posts on the forum.


Yes good point especially when we are very clear on who our ‘target market’ is. The forum should be the place for ‘informed’ discussions and in this case, the appropriate place. With telegram, it really is quite ambiguous and it can be a place where a lot of noise and chatters comes in. We’ll need to define communications lines properly when the council comes in.

Agree where certain announcements do need to go on the forum. We have been getting all of our teams using medium for Australia and New Zealand and now we are really looking to having forum posts become more of priority soon too.

This is something that I agree, along with the forum, more postings on the official website, medium and using social channels for general conversation but moving the serious conversations to the forums.


I personnaly think that Telegram is terrible to have argumented reflexions and to retain information. The history search is really poor as well, so informations are ephemeral.
And there are always too much exasperating “when moon” messages.

However Telegram might be nice to quick updates, announcements and to enable people to chat.

There is an interesting solution to that in EOS community. The EOS Go team is regularly gathering interesting info that was shared on Telegram (EOS has multiple channels) and post it on their website. Here is an example

The same could be done by posting on the Forum, maybe @Inside_NEM can consider that

Another thing to notice is that this forum is technically GREAT on all platforms !


I agree it is the throw away information trend, next big thing, hows many million subs can you get to go viral for a photo of a cat.

Thanks Jason for this post. I will admit I do not engage in the forum much at all. Most of the Localized Vietnamese activities have been offline.

Re: TongKongo for activities,

My suggestion would be to setup a process to review/ensure these community forums have appropriate attention by the NF Employees / Council / Leadership. This will help ensure key opinions are heard, while ensuring those working at NF are effective rather then scanning through Forums all the time.

yes, forums do much better archiving than Telegram or other chat oriented space …

I can log into the forum and see the latest posts since I last visited. But in chat you have to read lots of messages just to get an idea of what is the discussion at hand


can we get some flairs going for NF members and maybe during times like this also for people running ?

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Es mejor intercambiar ideas en el foro ya que la conversación es más civilizada y ordenada que en los chat de Telegram. A veces hablar por Telegram es entrar en debate de tonterías y quizás recibir insultos . Voto porque realmente la comunidad que estamos a diario interesados en Nem nos comuniquemos por aquí :wink:

I appreciate all the candidates who have introduced themselves and interacted and answered questions from the community. I’ve learned a lot about NEM and the prospects.

Greatly appreciate @Inside_NEM for being very active in the forums as one of the presidential nominees. But disappointing that @schia is nowhere to be found …

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