Entered wrong address


dear all,

yesterday i purchased some xem
but silly me
i accidentally entered my remote account address (which is inactive)
instead of my standard address
how do i get them to my standrad address?

thank you in advance



First i would contact the exchange and ask them if they already made a transaction and ask them to cancel it, explain your situation and they might sort it out.

if the funds are already on account, you might try accessing it using private key of your remote account to import account into nanowallet

just go to make new wallet -> from private key

you can find private key of remote account two or three lines from where is your main account key.

i haven’t heard it can be done, but i haven’t heard otherwise. As far as i know there should be no harm in opening remote account.

Try to find your transaction here http://chain.nem.ninja/#/blocks/0


thank you for you reply
i will try this and keep you posted


ok so the exchange says it is not to be fixed from their side
and my remote account shows nothing (probably because it is inactive)
they say the funds have been transferred which is shown in the link you gave me
now i will try your suggestion of making a new wallet

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

yes, just use private key from your remote account, don’t make just any wallet, import it from pvt key :slight_smile:


Here, i managed to do it, you go to delegated harvesting and down left is your private key

next, go to signup on wallet home, tab-> wallet from private key, and fill in your fields.

the wallet will be created and you shuld be able to login to transfer funds


ok this is a bit different in my case
when i try entering my pswd as you suggested
it says failure, insufficient balance
i reckon i need 10k xem first,
but in your screen i also see 0xem
how did you pull it off?


You must use your main pass in main acc to see delegated pvt key.

You can still make importance transfer for activation of harvesting, but you won’t harvest.

So activate delegated harvesting anyway, and you should get delegated pvt key assigned.

If you don’t have 7 xem needed i can send you, but later afternoon, i am out at the moment,


ok so its down the 6xem transfer rate that i cant do?
i already have bought xem on my regular account, but the exchange has some trouble with it
hopefully itll be resolved in an hour or so
makes things simpler
otherwise im happy to accept your offer but ill let you know later on
much appreciated


hi again, i’m home, have you resolved ?


i am about to try it now
i received my new balance right this instance


unfortunately no
it says the destination account is in use
isnt that supposed to be in use?


if you like
you may contact me via telegram/whatsapp on 0031645689323


Hmm i did manage to do it, have another idea XD…i’ll add you in minutes, altho if we resolve the problem, we should still post a solution here for everyone to see :wink:


ok this issue has been resolved
so i had to open a private key wallet first
there i was lucky to see the funds i transferred
being that these funds were too little to use for harvesting anyway
i wired them back to my simple wallet


glad it was solved :slight_smile:

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