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Tech Support FAQ

Here is a little list of question asked in last 4 months, some years ago, the list is not complete and if you don’t find a relevant topic for you here; Search is in the upper left corner, try there before posting a question :wink:

topics contain multiple problems as well as multiple solutions as more members replied, find something closest to your problem and scroll a bit, most of the times the solution is right there :slight_smile:

Exchange Support TOPIC

Quick note on Bittrex: DON’T send from MULTISIG, you will have to open a support ticket (let me know if it changes


XEM got stolen from private key wallet - a nice discussion, makes you want to change to a real password and act in a more secure way :wink:

How do i protect my XEM - blogpost guide for begginers.

Quick fixes

No dashboard? - Check nodes, Use Chrome, Wait for NIS if using NCC

Duplicate cookie found - This is a FAUCET concern, topic also below

Exchange problem - no quick for this one, use nembex to locate your funds, msg whoever is holding them.


Sent money to delegated account ? - this solution worked, author didn’t update.

I haven’t redeemed token/I am late? - Yea, sorry, you are

Wrongly accused "sock puppets" - Submit your request here

How to buy XEM - Exchanges, private trades, exchanges again :wink:

Important thing to know when using exchanges - How NOT to end up troubleshooting your transaction

Sent XEM to an address not being used - hope someone’s using it :wink:

I did a more complicated mistake concerning exchange/sent nem to no address - You genious, “basically you sent it to the address of whoever was in the thread where you see the negative amount”. :smiley: also explains how to find transaction details on changelly, a long thread.

Harvesting on mobile? - Spoiler: no

How to restore your nano wallet - A nice tutorial

How to export nem mobile wallet to nanowallet - more exact question, also see tutorial above XD

Questions and answers about fees - Yes they are going dowwwnnnnnnn :wink:

I have a problem/question about Faucet, - Click ,wait, click again

[Bittrex Issues] How long does it take to show up in wallet? - Depends :wink:

Don’t see your balance or nodes down? -More question on why you don’t see your XEM

NCC is stopped, cannot be started. NIS is running well. How can I fix this? - “Sometimes people update and they have a problem with NCC starting. If that is so then do the following…”

I hope you found your question and answers, thanks to all community members participating in NEM project. Have a nice “everything is working as expected” day :slight_smile:


Hello friends.
I am presently running the Nem Wallet v. 0.6.87. (NCC)
I tried to export the Light Wallet by using my password and then opening the json file.
I tried to use the Adobe acrobat reader to open the jason file but got the message “Adobe Acrobat Reader
could not open file because it is not a supported file type.” This message continues to appear and I am stuck
and don’t know how to proceed to open the json file and export the Light Wallet.
Please advise.

As far as i know, when you export for nanowallet, you should get:


Nanowallet opens that extension. I doubt it will open .json

There should be an option in NCC export for nano.

Alternatively use pvt key of your account to create “new wallet from pvt key” in Nano.

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Hello Support
The usage statement is illogical for transferring the tokens from Poloniex to the wallet, as a question arises when transferring to Poloniex under Memo.
Therefore, my question to all what is meant by memo transfer from Poloniex to the Nem Wallet?
My transfer yesterday was canceled as ERROR, but my tokens are also gone. No idea what is running here you have to enter only the Wallet address which everyone sees at Nem top left and a memo and the piece number.
But what do those of Poloniex think with Memo?
Perhaps the transfer error is?
Who knows?
The user guide on this page is not exactly accurate on this point, although all other manuals are given step by step, so many have here a problem to solve that nobody knows.
I ask for a constructive answer because I am very curious and want to know about everything. Thank you
Maybe in German

Very Thanks Peter

If you transfer XEM from Poloniex to your local wallet, you DO NOT need a memo.
If transferring to an exchange, you NEED the memo.

If there was an error when sending XEM to or from Poloniex, you need to open a support ticket with them to get your XEM back.

Dear Saul Thanks but
What is the memo ?
Where is that written ?
What do I have to write as a memo ?
My name, my date of birth, my shoe size, what please ?
Please help !
With the support of Poloniex I already wrote, but the last time it went 2 months until I got answer.

Regards Peter

Poloniex makes it very clear what the memo/message must contain.

When getting your deposit NEM address from Poloniex, they will have a memo field right below the address. This is the memo you need to include in transactions to them.

Thank you Saul
but, we are talking to each other because I do not speak good English, because it is about a payout of Poloniex on my NEM Wallet and not vice versa.
Regards Peter

Like I said previously:

You do not need a message when receiving XEM to Nanowallet. You need to open a support ticket with Poloniex.

Hi! I see that sitr has been changed. I have an account on site and I have bought 326 coins to wallet on site. But now site hasnt got a menu to login and I cant trasfere coins to my nanowallet NC67S2-EOPMME-TLGGHJ-BYVP3A-IRPDHJ-GIB5PC-I5CK.
Could yuo adwise me what I should to do?
01 sept I have fill out the form for this problem but no result for today.
Help me please…

This is just frequently asked questions thread, not meant for discussion, please post your question in Tech Support forum, but I doubt that anyone can help you but guys on that site you registered on.

Close by request of the topic owner.

Is this forum posted on August 1st?
If so, please tell me the location.

Can you create a new topic if it seems to be asked again?

Thank you.

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