NEM Mainnet Faucet OPEN!


I setup NEM Mainnet Faucet !
It’s mainnet. Let’s play and get free XEM and Mosaics !:laughing:
I think it good for newcomer or those interested.

  • Play needs only NEM Address.
  • Twist every 60 minutes.
  • Get Good mosaics!
  • Chance to get 100XEM at once!:sparkles:

I also maitain NEM Testnet Faucet.

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I changed settings of NEM Mainnet Faucet.(17/3/3)

  • Changed the probability of winnings because of rapid reduction of balance
  • Add New 3 Mosaics of prize ! (Thank Donation of Mosaics :blush:)


server is down . why?


Main server is updating.
Please wait for a few days.


Ok. Thanks!


Thank you so much for putting this up!


Updating of all systems is completed :laughing:


I changed NEM Testnet Faucet link.
Old link
New link


I changed probability of output XEM to HIGHER on NEM Mainnet Faucet !
Let’s try!


great. maybe some more people will try it


NEM Mainnet Faucet Campaign !!!

XEM price reached 2500 satohi, and Coincheck list XEM.
We spread XEM by Faucet as commemoration.
Let’s get NAME.ORATAMAH:baramaki mosaic and swap with 1000XEM!


  • Campaign start 4/24 a.m.
  • Lottery opportunity is only the first one everyday (You can use normal faucet once an hour)
  • Lacy 30 people can get one NAME.ORATAMAH:baramaki mosaic.
  • Probability of winning is adjasted to finish the campaign in a week.
  • We swap address notify after the campaign.
  • You need to install NEM wallet for faucet registration. DO NOT USE Exchanges address!
  • Confirmation of remaining mosaic number and donation address here.
  • Don’t mistake! You will not have the Mosaic until you withdraw the Mosaic! Please read Faucet note.

Campaign came to an end!

Let’s swap the name.oratamah:baramaki with 1000XEM.
You send name.oratamah:baramaki to ND6R57VWZGEZFZWXVBLZX35J3EVTNWAUJNEM76HQ.
You will find return of 1000XEM in 1 day. If you are in any trouble, please write here :grinning:


I think I won? :slight_smile:


Yes, you won!
Let’s swap the name.oratamah:baramaki with 1000XEM :blush:


Wow - thank you!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • I sent it back to the faucet address…


Is the faucet down at the moment?


If yes, you send message to oratamah who campaigning owner.
I will say him in advance. :sweat_smile:


Yes that’s my address - thanks! Sorry I don’t know how it works :slight_smile:


I’ve been spamming the faucet for a while and I got alot of different mosaic gathered up. Are they worth anything? I’ve read the tutorial about mosaic and namespaces but I can’t really grasp what I should do with them.


It up to Mosaic Creator :innocent:


I sent a message last week but no reply.