Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here!


Yes, and no one is willing to help each exfhabges is pointing a finger to the other.


@Aggiie coins are on Livecoin wallet so they have access to it and they can refund.


I have been in contact with them for days, now they are ignoring me.


HELP!!! The Cryptopia exchange has been holding my XEM since yesterday please fix this they have stated they have issued with XEM wallets I am really worried !!!

3481406 XEM Pending 14/03/2018 11:56:00 AM

when I emailed them they sent me this email reply
We have received your support ticket “EMERGENCY HELP CRYPTOPIA PLEASE FIX MY WITHDRAWAL !!!”. Here’s what to expect next.
Our current wait times are sitting at 26 days.
We are working through as many tickets as possible at the moment, and we understand and appreciate that many customers will have to wait for a long time.
We are doing our best to get through the tickets as quickly as we can and do appreciate your patience on the matter.
Kind Regards,
The Cryptopia Support Team
26 days??? This is ridiculous !!! PLEASE HELP XEM HOLDERS I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!


@eviltosh did you confirm withdrawal (via email or other way) ?


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Hi, looks like a common problem with Nem
I transferred 3014 nem coins to Livecoin Exchange. Filled in the correct adress and message. After 2 days still nothing in their account.
Contacted them and they say it got the wrong message sent with it and the funds are lost…
I double checked the message I’ve filled in the Nem wallet iOS and it’s correct but if you look at the transfer it’s totally different.
Is there a way to get it back?


My transfer from to my nem wallet but my txid not found. Please help me !

AEX order number 16061404 said already sent,
16061404XEM WITHDRAW19346.1532018-03-17 16:20:56Already sent19249.422235

txid : 2db7448a989f3c6319af9af0283f2bb0018a1791f4037114b1d576ba07146e4b

Address nem wallet :

but why its not credited yet in my nem wallet ? And i cant find txid


Message should be unencrypted. You included encrypted message (ENC button)


If transaction doesn’t exists in blockchain it means AEX didn’t send it correctly. Only way is contact with AEX support


Yes, i see what happened.
Is there a way to recover it?


Coins are on Livecoin wallet. So they can return it manually.


Ok I’ll give that a try, many thanx for your advice


Hi, i transfer 689 xeem from bittrex to poloniex xem wallet yesterday. My TxId: fefd15fb55f6b9e56676a443961c53a5297459cffb2cf390e32a6eee3fbadc83

in spite of transfer complited and it appear on nem block explorer; My xem didnt appear on my polo xem wallet. threse is no pending too. Please help, can you canceled transfer and may it to return my bittrex wallet?


@cypher stop spamming or you will receive ban.
Thank you very much


transaction is done and can’t be canceled:

Poloniec has some delays. Last withdraw was yesterday. You can watch this in blockeplorer or here:

You can wait 1-2 days or contact with Poloniex support now.


Thanks a lot for for your help. Message has been sent to poloniex and still waiting for reply. will update later.


No, Pawel, thank you very much.


Thanks man, my deposit appear on my wallet in 2 days.