NEM Mainnet Faucet OPEN!
You didn’t send any message to ND6R57VWZGEZFZWXVBLZX35J3EVTNWAUJNEM76HQ.
What way do you use?
Send a message from NBD2DCGUVZ5BHZTSAAPT7BUJBMDAMYXTIRCSZ2NS, or you can’t get 1000XEM.

please add link refferal for this faucet

sorry, i can not speak english. and i am using indonesia languange, please help me.
saya mendapatkan 2 mosaic di nem faucet, 1 gox dan 1 namuyan nemrin.
berapa harga 1 mosaic?
dan apakah bisa masuk ke wallet saya?

No english, no support.
All users aren’t good at english well.

how to withdraw my balance on nem mainnet faucet? and minimum withdraw?

If you get 5+ xem a withdraw button will appear beneath your balance. Keep in mind though that withdrawing costs you 5 xem(if your balance is 5.5xem you’ll only receive 0.5 xem).

I have been using the faucet for sometime now but, you just don’t get enough from it, I’ve been at it for over two week and have half a nem, with the fee being at 5 nem, is there much of a point?

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User @Muhammad_Wildan_Fird

Wanted to know:
how to get link refferal in NEM Mainnet Faucet??


No refferal system on Faucet.
I may make. :wink: or may not :sweat:

I get 50 XEM, and already withdraw, approximately how long the withdrawal process to get to my wallet?

i got mine in half an hour i think, if waiting for more than few hours, change node.

Also a question:

What does namuyan:nemrin mozaic mean "nemrin - you are lucky person"
i got one on faucet but i don’t see it on the list, will i be still able to withdraw that mozaic ?

please check my withdraw transaction, how long process withdraw to my wallet

Transfer transaction

Block: 1120576
Hash: 7528ebf3bc71b205eb115c7a39112bcc51a78ccc86ae79d078cf69d36c21b8f7
Sender: ndw5ht-b7iqxz-kb5bnk-zlibni-gw6uhf-pjuhzc-34ve
Recipient: nccfo5-qdfv5f-s3btbp-eu2qo6-uhzd7p-hgfncp-isdl
Quantity: 1.000000
Fee: 5.000000
Timestamp: 2017-05-22 10:43:16 Deadline: 2017-05-22 22:43:16
Signature: 580fb180dbda8830700bcacf6db00799ebce9aa9d1e6d39b59d8b4c43f97720fb6aa3b48a57c65919ce0380f3073038f140cbae3eeec24b2ff47168eb18bee00
Message: hex cff754fe923e4d911bda5e8963816002698eb7a5481a1bba232cb237d806bd11

The TX is already included NEM blockchain, so I can’t do anything.
And It looks succeeded. Are you read description at first before suggest the question?

No, you can’t.
Or wait for refund the Mosaic.
I will …maybe do :smiley:

I’ve read the description, there is a written deadline of May 22, 2017, at 22 a night, but until now they have not entered into wallet me.I translate using google translate so the language is baffled. Previous sorry if I ask many questions, because my first time playing nem faucet.

Thank you, i will wait some time :slight_smile:

Hi. I tried the faucet. It said remittance error occured.

Are you sure you are not on the testnet faucet ? I got that when i got mainnet and testnet faucets confused.