Exchange Support. Lost XEM at an exchange? Post here!


This is my ID:
6c04e6e6121fa2667858e88ba9454a7c9a17a6ff4456b3027dc813cd1a2403b9 send from my aex to bittrex wallet and show in the blockchain but I have been waiting for 8 hours for any problem?


@pawelm Do you have any further information about cryptopia processing of XEM transactions? The appear to have taken it off maintenance but have not yet credited my account.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have checked in polonies and my wallet is fine, not in manitenance.
It says the transaction was completed in poloniex with the folllwing transaction id but it’s not showing in this blockchain explorer.

Complete XEM 21.00000000
2018-03-12 23:10:56
Txid: f62b2a46b663a8850cdb1a35dfd7eb28efd217e9c23b9234b1c0ae0366a97aac

Can you please help sort this out? as I said i just created my new desktop NEM wallet because someone told me it’s not safe to keep them on any exchange. so jsut trying to do the best practice really but need some help. Many Thanks


Hello, I am @AlanM1145. I have had an issue where my XEM deposit was not credited. you can see the details in my posts. It appears that XEM is now out of maintenance mode on the cryptopia website. I sent the coins on February 2nd. How long until my account is credited? Thanks.


for those who have xem trapped in cryptopia, not only is cryptopia some exchanges have the same problem, but they solve it faster than cryptopia, I had 11 days my deposit of successful xem but balance in 0 and now go from aex to bittrex XEM and it has not arrived and more than 24 hours and it is a problem in which bittrex has 0 connections in the xem wallet


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Помогите, отправил 561 XEM с Poloniex на адрес в кошельке с дефисами (-) и без сообщения, не знал что оно нужно! Помогите вернуть их плз. Что я должен сделать?

Данные с Рoloniex:
Complete XEM 561.00000000
2018-03-12 20:41:53
Txid: 9d4b51c1d40284290a7f5e2123a8eebba97dac186308833e30e23136096ce0b1


Transaction doesn’t contain message code required by Bittrex to process transaction automatically:

What you can do now is contact with bittrex support, provide transaction hash and ask for manually credit this transaction to your account.


If you made withdraw from Cryptopia and it’s missing you must contact with Cryptopia support. This is only way.


Transaction doesn’t exists in blockchain:
So it means that exchange sent invalid transaction and coins are still in exchange wallet.
I’m afraid that in this situation only exchange support can help.


Could you give one more time transaction id?


@luistovar01 do you have still problem with Cryptopia?


Thank you very much! I got my coins back to the purse of the exchange today. But again the question is how quickly they will be able to recover the transactions … The price has fallen slightly (by 50%) from the one that happened in January. It’s a shame to lose money because of dishonest partners.


@ _I1
Транзакции не существует в цепочке:
Вы должны связаться с поддержкой Poloniex и попросить объяснения.

Transaction doesn’t exists in blockchain :
You must contact with Poloniex support and ask for explanation.


already solved but now the problem is that aex would not let me put the message to contact them and they told me that they did not need to do that manual


Thanks again for reply. Ok I will contact them to sort this out.

But do you think I have done something wrong setting up the XEM desktop wallet? Do I need to backup every time? because in my XEM desktop wallet it says the following

Backup wallet
It is very important that you have backups of your wallets to log in with or your XEM will be lost.

During the wallet generation process I did write down my password and private key and .wlt file and have stored them safely. I did this during the wallet generation process as i said above and when all was set , then I made this transaction.

Can you pleas kindly shed some light on the following questions so that I know I have done everything right on my end. Many Thanks

Have I done this properly?
Also is this what backup means right?
Do I need to back up everytime?
Do I need ti import my private keys in the wallet to see the balance? right now i just log into my desktop XEM wallet with password.


In aex case only way os contact with bittrex. They should credit manually your transaction based on transaction hash and some screenshots from aex withdraw history as a proof you did this transaction.


You should do backup only once for your wallet when you creating it. Your balance is stored in nodes network and wlt file allow you only access to it.
You did everything right. Problem is on exchange side.


I made 2 withdrawals like always with NEM. I fill in my livecoin address and the message.

Now it seems on the blockchain that no message was added while i have proof my message was added. here you can view my withdrawal with the message attached.

TXID no message attached, but my coins were sent and are now in the wallet.

The same goes for:

Now i can see in the blockchain that both deposits have entered the livecoin wallet and they are in their storage:

So a little over 3000 coins are in the livecoin storage and i have received none of them, please admin can you help me with this i have all my money put in these coins.

Livecoin is just saying your transaction is lost we cant help you. While my coins are in their wallet.


@Aggie you withdraw from two exchanges to Livecoin and both of them didn’t include message?