Sent nem to an address not being used


I wasn’t sure how to use the nano wallet. I entered what seemed to be a conversation with the last transaction i made and i typed what to send and sent it there by mistake. What i wanted to do was send the nem to an ICO. is there anyway to recover the nem i sent?

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

Transactions in blockchiain, can’t never be canceled after confirmation.
If you want to get back your XEM, you have to ask the owner of the address for send back.

If no one have a key of the address, you have no way to get back your XEM.


i have the address, it was a changelly address, i contacted them hopefully they can help me


They take a long time to get back to people, but they will get to your issue eventually.


Same thing happened to me. I accidentally sent Changelly ~12000 NEM back in April. They have yet to fix this issue but said they accepted my request and forwarded it to a specialist. I’ll update you if they fix it for me. They said they are enormously overwhelmed but I’m hoping they do the right thing.


Would just like to update this thread for hambo31. Changelly has sent me the money that I accidentally sent them. I am very appreciative that they fixed this issue for me. Just be patient with them as they are overloaded with requests.


thanks for responding guys, i appreciate it. changelly has refunded me my xem, a very speedy troubleshoot, I will definitely be using changelly more often.


I am glad Changelly got your XEM back to you :slight_smile:

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