How to Export NEM Mobile wallet to NEM NanoWallet


I’m looking for directions on how to export my NEM Mobile wallet into the NEM NanoWallet.

Thanks in advance,

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

Hi Stan,

just download the wallet and “open” a wallet using your private key from the mobile wallet.



Download “a” wallet from NanoWallet, and open it with the private key from the mobile? That wallet would then have the same public address as the wallet from the Mobile or no? Previous transactions would transfer over from the Mobile wallet? I recently sent some XEM to for their ICO, and I’m wondering if the Mobile wallet is going to work for them. Worried about not getting my initial coin offer.

Is or does NEM Mobile wallet workbehave the same way as the Nano Wallet??


Go to and download the desktop Nano Wallet wallet. Then install your wallet using the private key from your mobile one. You need to do that to enshure its the same wallet with the same public adress.

Your ICO tokens are just fine. They will be in your account after today. On the mobile wallet they are just not displayed.

I hope that helps!



If you have your private key from mobile wallet, please watch it to see how to import it to nanowallet.


Thanks for the info Tongokongo. I appreciate it.


Thank you for the reply Ineff. Makes me breathe a little easier. Was hoping I hadn’t made another mistake in the crypto world. I have a few days before the ICO ends, so I don’t know if the Dimcoin will be in there yet. Haven’t received any follow up from them about the XEM I sent in.