Where did my Nem go


I’ve said it before; I like Changelly and they weren’t the problem for me
losing thousands of USD. But I much prefer Shapeshifter because of their
refund address, which I’ve tested out and it just works. I still use both,
because some currencies aren’t on one that are available on the other. But
after this mess with Nem, I’d rather be safe than sorry.


I agree Don. But the transaction is not stuck in Limbo. It’s already
disseminated throughout the blockchain.


Hi Luis, I made also the same mistake like you and a lot of others. It’s better to reach changelly on Twitter through Private message. They respond there faster. But don’t be worry you will get yours coins back


So changelly replied back, asked for my wallet address so they could refund me… that was about 2 days ago.

all that info was in the inital ticket, but whatever… no rush i guess -_-


I have waited for about a week since last update. They also did just get back to me on Thursday to let me know they have sent one of my issues to the tech team to complete the transaction. They did not get back to me about the other similar trade. So I emailed them again to make sure they did not overlook it.

Maybe they are under-staffed. They were not expecting this surge of activity or is it always like this? I’ve only been using these services a month. But I’m getting edgy now. It’s been 10 days since I logged my ticket. It’s getting ridiculous.


All crypto services are currently swamped. It always happens when there are bubbles all over the place. It’s not like this during sideways periods.

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

My issue had been going on now for 11 days. Is that still normal you think?


Hi Edoray,

I’m just wondering if you got your NEM back.

I noticed one of your posts you wanted to know how to find the details of your order, log on to your Changelly account. Go to your History of transactions and you can get the transaction hash there. You can then use a NEM Blockchain explorer to find the details of that transaction. The one I remember using is this: http://chain.nem.ninja/#/blocks/0

You did say you have given up on trying to get your $4000 back. I’m in the same position. It’s been 11 days for me now. Keep trying to get it. If they think they can get away with it, we cannot let them get away with it.

The details of the transaction is on the blockchain, if you give up now and they might just continue doing it thinking that it is an extra way to fleece people of their money by having this stupid messaging “error” as an excuse.

Cryptos may not be regulated but theft is theft.


Hi Luis_M, I’m just wondering if you got your money back from Changelly.Com


Just letting everybody know who is interested with this issue that Changelly has finally completed the transaction after 12 days. It is a bit long and I was getting worked up over this issue but given the unprecedented traffic in Cryptos recently, they’re probably just swamped with customer service issues. They did come through in the end, so I would just recommend everybody to just stay in contact with them, provide them as much info as you can, specifically the transaction hash and your Order ID number if you can. You can get that info from your History tab when you’re logged into your Changelly account.

@edoray , I think there’s still hope for you. You can still recover your $4000 worth of XEMs.


Having received my NEMs from 2 failed transactions from Changelly, I was happy to try again.

I made 2 successful transactions sending out NEMs to XRPs after that. Then the third one failed. I was just as careful as I was with the first 2 successful transactions but yet the 3rd one failed again. It had a message that said they could not take too big or too small of a transaction and then asked me to make sure I used the same amount I used during the quoting process. But I did that!

I am now querying Changelly about this. It is beginning to seem that Changelly is having problems working with NEM. It makes me wonder how other exchanges like Changelly are dealing with NEM. If NEM can get Shapeshift to work with XEMs then, I will try trading XEMs on Shapeshift.

@Saul, NEM better pay attention to this issue because if it is problematic working with XEM, people won’t use it. Like @edoray, I am seriously considering staying away from trading XEM altogether until this all gets sorted out.


These are hellish issues, I have only tried creating a nanowallet and tried delegated harvesting, not many issues there. But if I’ll have problems sending them back and buying other cryptos these can become a major nuisance for nem development. Is anyone working on a new wallet, or is there a place to suggest development ideas like “approval mechanism before sending”?


There are some ways to make [quote=“tucos, post:41, topic:4524”]
or is there a place to suggest development ideas like “approval mechanism before sending”?

please post your suggestions here or in a new thread.

Also there is no need to make a whole new wallet, we just need to improve the nano wallet, and this wallet gets improved weekly.


Thx everyone, but my issue was never Change my. I had that site open in my
browser, but it never came into play. My issue was the useless NEM wallet,
which lets a person enter an amount into the send box and then sends it off
into cyber-space after you click the send button without ever asking or
checking for an address to send it to.

What I want to know is where do the Nem coins go when you enter an amount
and click send. Where are my Nems?


Which wallet are you using?

If you are using a mobile wallet, you probably sent XEM to the last address that sent XEM to you.


9 days since changelly replied to me… sent them a mail asking for an update…

so 2 weeks and no refund


Thanks Saul. Yes I was using the Mobile Wallet. So where would I look to
find my coins? Who do I need to send what information in order to retrieve
my coins? Thanks again.


Do you know who sent you XEM last?

Do you know what your address is?

If you sent your XEM to an exchange, you will want to contact them, and give them the transaction hash.


I’d never sent XEM to anyone, or any Exchange. I was just buying them by
exchanging other Ethereum and Bitcoins for XEM on Changelly. I’d planned to
exchange my XEM on Changelly back to Ethereum, but when I put in 24,400 XEM
into the Send box, off they went without the app showing me any warning or
anything. Just gone. Seems like a very poorly written app that would allow
a user to send XEM without having any receiving address.


You sent XEM to an address. I am trying to help you figure out what address you sent XEM to.

It sounds like Changelly was the last address to send you XEM, and you probably sent the XEM back to them.

I agree the App functionality needs to be improved. My understanding is that the UX improved version will be available soon.