NCC is stopped, cannot be started. NIS is running well. How can I fix this?


NCC is stopped, cannot be started. NIS is running well. How can I fix this?


Sometimes people update and they have a problem with NCC starting. If that is so then do the following:

Delete the file accounts_cache_mainnet.json in the folder c:\users\ < your_user > \nem\ncc.

Then start ncc again.

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

@jabo38, Many thanks for the solution! It works ok.


Awesome post, Helped 110%


really sorry for this, but. How to delete the file acounts_cache-mainbet.json?
I went to comd prompt but im still lost. augh.
and yes the issue is, NIS is running and sync, NCC is not running

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You need to follow this path:

You will find ‘acounts_cache-mainbet.json’ in the ncc folder.


would you mind telling me how you found file and deleted it?
is there a NEM NCC telephone tech support?


You need to follow this path: c:\users\ < your_user > \nem\ncc.

You do not need to do this in the command line. You just need to find your computers User folder, then ‘nem’ folder, then ‘ncc’ folder. When in NCC folder, delete ‘acounts_cache-mainbet.json’.

You can get tech support live help on telegram:


Hello again,

Oh thanks so much. It did twist my brain a bit for awhile. However actually pretty straight forward deleting jason file.

So after 3 months Ive got NCC started running and I was able to open wallet. And my1000XEM is still there.

But now when I go to the Desktop icon to open, nothing happens.

(NIS running and synced, & NCC running) but desk top icon will not open wallet.

HELP again


NCC has been discontinued and the latest version is not offered.
Please migrate to NanoWallet.