Error 700 nis: harvesting ineligible

I got XEM 10,000, but i still cannot start local harvesting, error message as below:


Is 10,000 unvested XEM will become 10,000 vested XEM?

It will but it will take very long. I recomment to have at least 100_000 xem for harvesting.

Many thanks BloodyRookie. Actually, may I know what will i get from the harvesting? I won’t get XEM from harvesting right?

Well if you harvest a block, you will get the transaction fees. But i don’t think it will give you a reasonable income ^^
To earn well you need to run a upernode, but you need 3M xem to able to do so.

i see. one more question from me, will the vesting ongoing while I’m not logging into my wallet?


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