Event from 1st Jan

Guys those event start from 1st jan to 14 Jan is still on track. Team is not replying so I am asking here

You were asked what event you are referring to. So I ask again, what event are you referring to?

I am talking abt this

I assume that it is still valid. More partherships and more events announcements are still valid.

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Announcements will still be happening-the Hackathon will still be happening. Everything else is to be decided. Please stand by for further communications.

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Jan 1-14 NEM & Symbol Announcements - More partnerships, more events
We have not seen any yet. We would love to see more details if there are any changes.

Jan 4-13 NEM Global Trading Tournament, Are we seeing the 1st one tomorrow Jan 4th?
Or there are changes to be made?

Announcements will move a bit to be more in line with new launch date, I don’t have any new information on the trading competition.

какая новая дата запуска? точнее дата снимка 14.01.2021? примерно в 14.00 по москве