Exodus Desktop Welcomes NEM/XEM


We are happy to announce that NEM/XEM is now onboard to the Exodus Desktop Wallet!

Exodus welcomes NEM (XEM) as the 100th asset added to Exodus Desktop!

Open Exodus and upgrade your wallet to securely manage and exchange NEM.

Thank you Exodus users for growing with us and letting us know which assets are important to you.

Link to Twitter announcement here.

To enable NEM/XEM on Exodus Desktop - download link available here. (Settings -> Assets to enable NEM).

We look forward to even more widespread adoption of NEM/XEM .


The link to twitter announcement is broken. Looks like it needs a dot between twitter and com.


Just clicked on the link from mobile and desktop and it works. Perhaps try again?

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Works because it was fixed after I commented. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is great news, especially for people like me who use the Exodus wallet.

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