Explanation of Harvesting and help with delegated harvesting


So I’ve downloaded the android app and using that, already have more than 10k vested balance. Delegated harvesting is showing as “Locked” with no option to unlock…why is that?

Can someone also give me a clearer idea of what is actually happening when you harvest? If all the xem are premined, then where do the xem that are earned by harvesting come from? are they coming from a particular account dedicated to paying out harvested xem?

And lastly - what needs to be done to maintain local harvesting on the android app? does it need to be online and app open the whole time? just online but app doesnt need to be open? or what?


The Android app right now does not support harversting. If you want to do that you need either the NanoWallet or NCC.

We can add harvesting to the Android app and will probably do it someday, but it’s currently not in development.


Oh, it’s misleading because there is a “Harvest Details” link on the android app which shows POI score and a section that says “No harvested blocks”, implying this count could change once a block is harvested.
It also has a section that says “Delegated harvesting: Locked” but does not mention anything about Local harvesting not being possible. Very misleading. When viewing the Harvest Details section, it certainly seems to imply that local harvesting is possible on the app.

May I also get an answer for my other question regarding where harvested blocks are sent from?

Tech Support FAQ (Update: 0810017)

The details are just for updates on monitoring your harvesting activity, not really actually harvesting itself.

If you are harvesting blocks, those blocks will be displayed there to give you information.

To harvest, you should unlock (or activate) delegated harvesting in NanoWallet, connect to a full node (best to run one yourself to ensure harvesting) and turn on harvesting on the activated account.

If your account harvests a block, that means you mined a block and you processed the transactions and get to collect the fees.