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Hi again, the explorer seems not working properly for 24 hours now.

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Hello, the Pending Transactions on Explorer seems like not working.

Thank you.

Explorer shows mosaic levy directly from api call. It should be presented according mosaic divisibility.
Example mosaic:
Should be levy fee 10.000000 but it’s 10000000.


Explorer doesn’t update current supply of a mosaic http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/mosaic?m=pxs&ns=pundix

It shows 5M but that was changed to 25M some time ago http://chain.nem.ninja/#/mosaic/9a6107d16bac65dcbca864d347951c5f887bffcfb31903dcf344ba455281cea6/0

Thanks @pawelm @Wirfeon


The “Pending Transactions” on explorer seems like blank and not updating as of this moment.

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Happy Holidays.



Explorer seems not updating again. Transaction history of wallets are not updating but the balance is updating.

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Merry Christmas.

How to delete this mosaic from my wallet and potentially block pontifier from further wallet spamming?

This type of mosaic/coin spam could be a problem in the future.

You can’t. Only way is to implement some kind of filtering on wallet (client) side.

So even if I pay 10xem fee to send that spam coin to another wallet it could come back to haunt me again…

Just leave it and do nothing with it. If you want discuss more about this please create separate topic because it doesn’t belong here :slight_smile:

Not only that but if you send this mosaic you have to pay the levy fee which means
the issuer of the mosaic will earn some extra XEM whenever someone sends the

Here http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_account?account=NCVQTSQVE77W7VJC35FWQ2QNPIYDTFXZYNPJ5GOG we can see prover:proof mosaic on this account, but this account doesn’t exist in NEM richlist http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/mosaic?m=proof&ns=prover at all.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. i will look into it.

Hello again,

the transactions seems not to be updating on some Wallets. I saw some being updated but my transaction doesn’t have the latest transaction but my balance was updated.

Hi, could you pm me with your wallet address? thanks.

The supply of nem:xem is wrong. It should be 8999999999.

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Fixed, thanks.

Hi all,
The host was offline, i had opened a ticket to the server provider, it may takes some time, thanks.

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