Explorer.ournem.com - Feedback


Hi again, the explorer seems not working properly for 24 hours now.


Hello, the Pending Transactions on Explorer seems like not working.

Thank you.


Explorer shows mosaic levy directly from api call. It should be presented according mosaic divisibility.
Example mosaic:
Should be levy fee 10.000000 but it’s 10000000.



Explorer doesn’t update current supply of a mosaic http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/mosaic?m=pxs&ns=pundix

It shows 5M but that was changed to 25M some time ago http://chain.nem.ninja/#/mosaic/9a6107d16bac65dcbca864d347951c5f887bffcfb31903dcf344ba455281cea6/0


Thanks @pawelm @Wirfeon