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Hi all,

Any suggestions or bugs report, leave message here, thanks.

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Bug in NEM mosaics richlist [MOVED]
  • the number of harvested blocks is doubled
  • typo in link “Nem Fourm/Forum”

Thank you for this explorer. I’m using only this one.

  • mosaics in transaction details are not divided by 1000000 (in balance is OK)
  • if you have mosaic transfer and amount works as multiplier so it will be nice to present information about really sent mosaics in additional field if amount is not eq 1. From nanowallet is always 1 but API allows sent other values
  • it will be nice if you add ability to click hash on the transaction details popup. Very often people need to have link directly to transaction

In the voting module, I will tell you the specification when only one choice of voting can be done.

Suppose you voted No from the same NEM address and voted Yes on a later date.
In this case, the one that voted first is treated as valid in the current ournem.
For formal specifications, all votes from that address will be invalid.

Please add this specification.
By the way, if you vote multiple times only for Yes, or only for No, the vote is valid, but the count is 1 time.

This is why there is a difference in the number of votes and importance of NanoWallet and ournem in this vote.

I am one of the Voting module creation committee.



If you could add this then for me it would be perfect:

  • Add ability to view messages inside of a multisig transaction!
  • A way to differentiate between outgoing and ingoing when you are looking at an account. Maybe add a red and green arrow meaning out and in

Very good explorer btw

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As an idea: Maybe it is possible to include a statistics page with some interesting base figures and/or graphics?

Latest NIS version
Current block height
Chain size (GB)

Avarage number of blocks per x time (already in nembex)
Average number of tx per block

Amount of fees in the last x blocks
Amount of NEM exchanged last x blocks

Amount of tx last hour / day / week
Amount of tx total

Most popular addresses (rich list+)
Number of unique addresses

Thanks for your great explorer!


Multisig transactions doesn’t show message:


Comparing to core dev explorer:

Where is the message in multisig transaction?

Hi Kamil, bugs had been fixed, thanks for your feedback.


Hi pawelm, bugs had been fixed, thanks for your feedback.


Hi mizunashi, the poll bug had been fixed base on that specification, thanks for your feedback!


Hi meyns, thanks for your feedback, i had added them into the explorer.


Hi eternalchain, the statistics page will be added later, thanks for your feedback.


Hi all,

Some updates for the explorer:

  1. explorer.nemchina.com/#/mosaictransfer monitoring mosaic transfer is enable now.
  2. upgrade namespace and mosaic list.
  3. improving the address searching page (s_account).
  4. some bugs fixed.


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@gd_kuaile sent you private message. Please look.


Hi all,

Mosaic rich list is available now, see the link http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/mosaic?ns=appsolutely&m=lyl

Please leave me a message if you find bugs, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, I noticed that the Transactions and Rich List of LYL are not updating since 1:30AM of July 6, 2018 (GMT+8).

If they are back again, will the missed transaction still appear?

NEM Blockchain to the moon =)


Hello, the “Pending Transactions” seems not working after the last fix.


Hi WannabeWhale,

Sorry i fixed that some days ago and forgot to let you know,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi gd_kuaile,

Sorry to bother you again but the explorer seems like not updating the transactions again around July 18, 2018 @ 11AM (GMT+8)


Thank you.