FamilyPoints -- A Blockchain-powered Trust Registrar for Maternity and Childcare Products and Services

This proposal is intended to initialize voting process for funds allocation (300,000 XEM) to support development of NEM-based platform (FamilyPoints).

FamilyPoints is conducting a token sale.

The funding received through this proposal will be returned to the NEM community fund once the token sale is completed to support other companies.

This proposal was inspired and has been vetted by the NEM foundation’s team leaders as it uses key features on the NEM blockchain. The platform will help NEM with mass adoption and increased market presence in China and the United States through a socially important platform.

Thank you, NEM community! We truly appreciate your time and consideration.


FamilyPoints is a NEM-based marketplace that provides safe products, educational services, reviews and ratings, rewards of up to 40% of a product’s price, and an upvote system.

Our proposal is to build FamilyPoints - a transparent marketplace which solves the most common problems in the parenting industry.



FamilyPoints Solution

  1. Parents purchase products through the platform.
  2. We ask parents to rate the product they bought. Ratings are calculated into a final score which reflect the actual nature of the product. Our NEM-based open source smart-contract calculates the score of the product by using multiple signals from parents’ behavior (such as past purchases and activities - similar to PoI on NEM) and enforces a reliable and trusted rating.
  3. Shoppers are rewarded with up to 40% of the purchase price in points after they have rated the product.
  4. The reward points can be accumulated by parents and used to buy educational content and services within the FamilyPoints platform.
  5. Alternatively, points can be used to upvote content from other community members. This is a way for the community to show its appreciation on user content over advertisements.

FamilyPoints will further implement a blacklist for products and educational service providers. Once we have accumulated enough reviews for a product from the community, we can more accurately determine whether the product is appropriate to sell within the platform.

If a product’s or service’s rating is less than 3 stars, the product will be blocked from the platform.



NEM Integration


FamilyPoints is an ideal example of how blockchain can be used to create new types of transparent platforms and promote trust in industries beyond finance.

Why we chose NEM (post link):

  1. Mosaics
    Mosaics are easily created, authorized by a corporate namespace, and run by flexible off-chain smart contracts. Reward points, upvotes, and ratings are powered by mosaics.
  2. Multisig accounts
    To protect mosaics from being hacked, multisig accounts are combined with a standalone co-signer app to prevent malicious transactions.
  3. Off-chain smart contracts
    Allows us to develop flexible smart contracts which manage smart assets and the rating weight system.
  4. Messages
    Messages are used to store hashes of reviews and other types of content and thus enforce immutability and credibility.

NEM-powered features:

  1. Ledger of transparent reviews and ratings
  2. Content upvotes (a-la Steemit)
  3. Earn and spend reward points (tokenized rewards) - our NEM forum post on how we provide rewards using NEM
  4. Supply chain management (for a limited list of products: baby food, milk powder)

FamilyPoints Traction



The founders have already invested $4 million in building and creating the world’s biggest educational video library, a unique video-call platform, and partnerships with the biggest media and video platforms in China. FamilyPoints has over 1.5 million subscribers and 15 million monthly views and is based on an existing business that has been operating for two years. FamilyPoints is a business that goes well beyond proof of concept.

FamilyPoints needs to accomplish several goals to complete development of the platform:

  1. Develop the backend of the platform to implement the blockchain-based reviews and ranking ledger, upvotes, and our rewards program.
  2. Integrate an online marketplace and e-commerce features with our existing education and expert video calling features
  3. Develop the ledger so it can keep a store of all transactions on the platform to increase transparency and trust.

Prior to the global launch, FamilyPoints will hold a token generation event. The funds generated will be used for initial inventory, marketing, scaling the platform physically, and financing the launch of the platform in China and the United States. The Chinese launch is scheduled for 1 June, 2018 while the US-focused global launch is scheduled for 1 December, 2018. Parents around the world will be able to buy products and services from the FamilyPoints platform from Day 1.

All participants of our token generation event who use XEM will receive an additional 10% token bonus. Once the token generation event is completed, FamilyPoints will return the money provided to us by the NEM community.

Business Model

FamilyPoints operates as a hybrid subscription and marketplace model. All users must pay a nominal subscription fee to access FamilyPoints’ services. Subscription fees can be paid in local fiat currencies. Shoppers will not only get access to a huge inventory of high quality maternity and baby products that are available at a reasonable price, but also to a platform with a fulfilling rewards program that has real financial value, a system with genuine user reviews, a huge library of educational videos, and a comprehensive list of service providers that can actually address the needs and worries of new parents everywhere.

In addition to the subscription model, Babystep will earn money through commissions on the sales of goods and services by third party providers. Shoppers gain immediate benefits of subscribing to the FamilyPoints platform through the savings they will earn. Service providers and education centers will also benefit from the large number of customers to whom they can now directly advertise their services. Finally, retailers and manufacturers can eliminate the middleman and sell their goods directly from their factories to end users and pass on huge savings.

Revenue Sources:

  1. Subscriptions - Users pay subscription fees to access the FamilyPoints platform.
  2. Marketplace - FamilyPoints earns money through commissions on the sales of goods, services, and educational content that is sold on the platform by third party providers.



Ainar Abdrahmanov
CEO & Founder
Ainar faced parenting problems the moment his son was born. He decided then and there to create a company that would provide parents with the greatest of benefits. Ainar has previously owned and operated a chain of kindergartens and has worked in other industries such as gaming and retail. He was the Head of Mobile for Pixonic, which was sold for $30 million. Ainar is a father of one.


Aloysius Kee
Chief e-Commerce Officer
Aloysius has over 15 years of experience in the baby and juvenile products industry. He has specialized in distribution and sales in the Asian continent. Aloysius has built various companies such as Nosh, an organic baby food producer, Greentom, a manufacturer of 100% eco-friendly strollers, and, a specialty warehousing company. Aloysius is a father of four.


Shaoming Yang
Chief Business Development Officer
Shaoming founded the first parenting e-commerce website in China and has been working in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years. Before joining FamilyPoints, Shaoming was a senior manager in the Alibaba Group. At present, Shaoming is focused on platform strategy and e-commerce service providers. Shaoming is a father of two.


Mikhail Konoplev
Member, Advisory Board | Head of International Development,
Mikhail has previously worked as a senior manager in Airbnb. He is currently the Head of Growth for Houzz, a $4 billion company, and is responsible for the entire global market. In FamilyPoints, Mikhail is applying his knowledge and experience to build our platform with a big user base and B2B partners. Mikhail is a father of two.


Dmitriy Lezhnev
Chief Technology Officer
For the last 14 years Dmitry has travelled a long professional path from an amateur hacker to a
professional web app and API developer. He is currently responsible for a wide range of
technical and organizational projects and processes at familypoints, allowing for his continued development as both a developer and a manager.


Ken Huang
VP Blockchain at Huawei | Blockchain and Technology Strategy Advisor
Ken has been deeply involved in technology and IT consultancy services for more than 20 years. Most recently, Ken has worked for CGI and for Huawei in senior technology roles.


FamilyPoints is asking for 300,000 XEM’s. We want to work with NEM to help it become the world’s most popular solution for enterprise blockchain. We believe that in order to achieve this goal, NEM will need more examples and use cases of platforms that have millions of users.

Milestone 1 - 20% (60,000 XEM)

  1. IT components:
    • Build architectural plan/technical vision
      • Select technology stack
      • Draw how components interconnect with each other
      • Define key nodes: blockchain, databases, servers, and network
    • Prepare e-commerce module to hook with smart contracts upon successful payment
    • Launch “Reward points” smart contract (a transferable asset)
      • Earn points for purchases
      • Available for usage on testnet
  2. Share press releases about the NEM and FamilyPoints partnership in 4 mainstream media sites.
  3. Hire 6 additional people for IT development.

Milestone 2 - 20% (60,000 XEM)

  1. IT components:
    • Develop a complete set of mobile screen-mockups, cover core scenarios of platform usage - we are aiming to launch the mobile website first
    • Launch Parent Dashboard component
      • Create accounts/manage preferences\
    • Launch “Parent’s ratings” smart contract
      • Rate each parent and transfer importance weight (a non-transferable asset)
    • Launch “Merchant dashboard” component
      • Create accounts
      • Import/manage SKUs
      • Buy points for cashback/rewards marketing
  2. Post at least 3 blog posts on mainstream media about FamilyPoints’ progress and development on the NEM platform.

Milestone 3 - 20% (60,000 XEM)

  1. IT components:
    • Launch “Products rating” smart contract
      • Leave rating for purchased products
      • Available for usage on testnet
    • E-commerce cponent
      • Integrate existing database of merchants with 14,000 SKUs
        • Develop API to connect with existing e-commerce database and Rewards system.
      • Search products/basket functions
      • Integrate payment gateway (Alibaba, Tencent, XEM)
    • Launch “Review” component
      • Write rich-text reviews about experience using particular products
  2. Present our platform and showcase NEM integration in at least 5 offline events with a NEM re resentative.
  3. Post at least 5 blog posts on FamilyPoints’ progress and development on the NEM platform in the main.tream media.

Milestone 4 - 20% (60,000 XEM)

  1. IT components:
    • Launch “Upvotes” smart component
    • Send earned rewards as upvotes for reviews/comments
    • Launch “Expert Calling Components”:
      • Develop API to connect with call app
      • Pay with rewards feature
    • Launch blockchain supply chain component for milk powder
      • Available for usage on testnet
    • Launch “Paid with points video-content” component
      • Integrate video library API to connect to existing content|
      • Available for usage on testnet
  2. Launch marketing campaign with 15 industry-bloggers about use case of NEM with FamilyPoints.

Milestone 5 - 20% (60,000 XEM)

  1. IT components:
    • Testing, bug-hunting, increase stability of whole platform
    • Test secure features to be ready for hack attacks
  2. Hire 2 additional tech evangelists. Roles will be focused on marketing NEM-based FamilyPoints platform in Tech events and significantly increase visibility of NEM, especially in China and USA.
  3. Launch 10 presentations in industry events to showcase the FamilyPoints platform and NEM blockchain features.


  1. The most important aspect for FamilyPoints is NEM-community support.
  2. Funds raised from NEM Community (300,000 XEM) will be returned after the FamilyPoints tokensale.
  3. Features and applications developed under this proposal will be provided on an opensource basis for all NEM-based developers and companies. This should positively influence NEM technology and the NEM applications library. This should also make it easier for others to choose NEM as their blockchain solution.
  4. The NEM-based ledger will protect millions of families in the world from bad products and education services.
  5. Because FamilyPoints intends on accepting XEM as a form of payments in platform and because we have a target of 2 million daily users by the end of 2018, we anticipate an increased use of XEMs by the public.

Social impact of the FamilyPoints and NEM partnership:

  1. Increased safety - Our platform will help parents choose only high quality products and services.
  2. Mass adoption - We are targeting 2 million daily users of the platform in 2018.
  3. Revolutionizing the parenting industry - By using a white and blacklist, we create a standard for childcare products.
  4. Non-financial use of blockchain - FamilyPoints is a clear application of the blockchain outside of the finance industry and showcases a new level of transparency and trust.

We look forward to receiving the support of the NEM community for this proposal so that we can work together to benefit society.

Feedback, comments from the NEM team members

Steve 世庚, Head of NEM China:

If you want to know more about, just go to and search for You can see what a great job they have already done for parents. I believe Ainar will use all his energy and compassion for every baby and parent to make a difference in society using NEM’s technology. I also believe that the NEM community will see FamilyPoints positively because they could be an excellent use case of the NEM blockchain in the parenting industry. Their innovative use for NEM blockchain will very likely solve the issue of fake reviews in China’s e-commerce industry and build trust for shoppers. While creating value for parents, FamilyPoints will also generate value for the NEM community by increasing demand for XEM tokens. Let’s help them so that we can witness their progress and enjoy their successes together!

Kevin Li, COO of NEM China

As a father, I feel a lot of confusion in the current e-commerce for mother and baby, and false information can be seen everywhere. These fake comments will mislead consumers. Because many consumers are young parents for the first time and have little experience in childcare, they tend to rely on website reviews for shopping. The business model of solves such a pain point and it is very useful for young parents. Since the Chinese government permitted each family to have a second child from 2016, this policy has made the Chinese parenting market even bigger than before. Fake information problem must be solved for Chinese e-commerce. I hope can do it based on NEM blockchain technology.

HongBin Ma, CTO of NEM China makes the parenting industry more secure, more convenient, and more transparent. It also makes the price of education lower and lets more children receive an education. It is a great project.

Shin Tatt Wong, Technical Trainer at NEM

Being father of my child made me realize the importance of baby products and when I met the team from FamilyPoints, I realized that it’s hard to differentiate the real and fake reviews on existing platforms. What they’re doing will help authenticate such reviews on the blockchain and provides a perfect trusted ecosystem to consumers, suppliers, and experts.





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