Final catapult will be out q3/q4 or not?

I see a twitter from a dev core member that tell that maybe catapult will not be out at Q4
can anyone here from dev or NEM Foundation
tell us if these is true or not?

these is twitter from core dev
also mind, that Q4 might not happen, as doing release in December would be less than wise.

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the new foundation roadmap tell that public catapult will be out at LATE Q3 EARLY Q4
now that twitter tell something different

Hi Jelin,
The message from the core devs is a nudge for the Migration Committee to get on the ball and we welcome it.
The roadmap is the Foundation roadmap to support the core development of Catapult, and does not reflect the development. That being said, testing of a new product takes time, and one thing we cannot ever predict, is just how long, if problems arise, it will take to resolve them.
NEM Foundation is working hard behind the scenes prepaing for mainnet. Decisions are made by a Migration Committee made up of Foundation, Ventures, NEM Studios, and Tech Bureau.
Our priority as always is delivering the best product possible, and we will provide an update with the community as soon as we can. Appeciate your patience in this matter.


when will be out test catapult ???version?

it’s funny that they want to make a decentralized system but they can’t tolerate some truth(words) from me. my “post was flagged by the community” !

I don’t understand, is Catapult being pushed back out again?

Q3 will end soon.
I feel like it’s difficult.

Who is the representative of the public relations?

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Once there is something to communicate from the Migration Committee I will communicate it. I’m sorry I don’t have any additional information for you at this time.
I think there will be a Foundation monthly Tech Update shortly.
Appreciate your patience.


will Be at foundation monthly tech update
final day for CATAPULT OUT?
or not

I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking, the monthly tech update will explain what the Foundation developers have been doing for the last month.

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