Finality Update

I am pleased to be able to say that the core devs have found a good design solution to the finality question for Symbol. As I said in my last update, finality is at the bleeding edge of blockchain research and is something that the PMC and NGL are committed to supporting the Core Devs to get right, so this represents a real breakthrough.

The design solution that we are moving forward with is based onto the Polkadot GRANDPA approach, which is a PBFT solution derivative. Here is a link from Dave Hodgson’s post on Polkadot Consensus.

We hope to be able to publish the design in a few weeks time when it can be documented in a publicly presentable format, but the detailed development work on the solution needs to take priority. We expect the development process to take 4-6 weeks to complete from now, although we are actively looking at opportunities to shorten that timeframe and will update where this is possible.

The implication of this on timing is that we still expect to launch Symbol in December this year. We are now working through the detail of the work required to implement the design and knock on effects of other parts of the plan before we can update the roadmap to share with you all. We expect to have this process complete within 10 days.

In other updates alongside Finality specifically:

  • The same review company that was helping with the design, has performed a second pass of the security testing, against The development teams have fixed the various issues identified and we expect to release shortly with those fixes.

  • Opt In development work and testing has been progressing, and adapting to any changes above, we are about to enter end to end functional testing and full security testing on the optin components; Desktop and Mobile wallet opt in components to signal your opt in on-chain in NIS1 and an extraction routine to populate the Symbol nemesis block from that data on NIS1.

  • Opt In Date: We expect to communicate a further update on this and an likely opening date at the same time as the updated plan/roadmap mentioned above, all being well this will be announced in 2 weeks time, we can say that with full visibility of the testing and remediate work required.

I would like to thank the Core Devs and members of the NGL team, as well as our trusted external partners, for finding a design solution to finality and I am confident that the pathway to launching Symbol is now looking clear and straightforward. I will provide a more detailed update in 2 weeks.

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