Finally a new forum


guys im really happy we finally made it. the new forum is online!

a big thank you goes out to pat, saul, jeff and rigel for their hard work.


Finally! Thanks Patmast3r!


It was an epic effort, but it is great to finally get it up! :smiley:


I wouldn’t exactly call it an epic effort but yeah…it’s good to finally have something where the community can come together again.


It took like 3 months! :0


Yeah but nobody was working on it for 3 months I think.
In any event including setup of the forum it prob could have been done in 1-2 week(s) :smile:


looking good ao far… well done. xD


Good Job! This look fantastic! I only hope that people will start using the forum a bit more.


@BloodyRookie what kind of Forum is this? Is it a priv NEM develpment or it bought some where, can you help me with that info? Because is so minimalistic, easy and fast. I wish one to my sites hehe


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