Finally Redeemed My Stake But Have 0 XEM?

Hey everyone,

I invested in NEM a long time ago during Phase 1 of the Bitcointalk thread. I took a break from Crypto in mid 2014 due to serious issues in my life and have slowly been coming back into it. I recently just remembered about NEM and decided to get what I invested.

I was given two private keys (they mentioned it to be tokens, but I assumed they were the same thing) for some reason, from patmast3r in October 2014 then from makoto1337 in April 2015.

I downloaded the official installer (Windows) and set up a wallet. I tried to enter both as a private key each and the system seems to have accepted it. I let the NIS get up to date (which it has now), but my balance still shows 0.

I tried searching on the forum, but it seems that there are conflicting answers of people who were able to get it and people who said that there’s no point in asking anymore. Some also seemed a bit out of date so I wasn’t sure if the information was correct. On some suggestions though, it should be that my method works (since the private tokens worked). Was my XEM stolen somehow? I’m seeing 0 transactions so that might not be the case.

I can share my addresses if that helps, or any of my public keys (if that’s okay?).

What’s your NEM address, i can check if there are any coins.


Makoto and patmast3r gave you private keys???
And those addresses are the corresponding nem addresses?
sorry i don’t really understand…

They sent it to me on bitcointalk.

The addresses are the ones I got from the NIS.

what exactly did they send you? They certainly did not send any private key.

Maybe it is easier if you tell me your btt account name (can be a PM).

They told me, “Here’s your token *******” The second message included an instruction to go to but the site is gone now.

Same problem to me. It’s really long I haven’t been here, I just don’t know why all my XEMs seem disappeared when I check again in NCC today.

Can you help checking for me as well? My BTT account, which is sent the redemption token is loi.tran.

Btw, this site get down:

Many thanks.

what was your address again, loi?

Edit: loi, did you do all the steps in the redemption process back then?

I believe I did all required steps, I still remembered doing it very carefully. I also checked and finding my name in Nem Registered List before leaving.

all your xem seems to be there…

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are you using ncc or lightwallet, if the former, make sure you’ve selected proper account in account view

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yea loi, everything is fine:

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I’m using NCC, selecting the right account. It’s still synchronizing, say I have to wait for over 200 days.
May be the problems is due to synchronization, thanks Gimre & BR for letting me know :slight_smile:

you should be able to speed this up by getting the chain:
or from chinese mirror:

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Hey gimer,

Is there a chance I can still get mine? Mine still show 0 XEM.

I can include added proof if necessary.

I never redeem my nem where i get that redeem code. Can I still do it?

The time to redeem any stake is long over. Sorry to say but you will not get any stake.

I probably made with my code that stake redeem but I am not sure. How I can check this?