Fintally, NEM is starting its journey to surpass Bitcoin.It was about time!

Hello my Nemsters,

Is it an exciting week or what?

We are experiencing “Black Friday” as we speak, a moment in which we can buy NEM and other crypto-currency at sale price! So…why all the FUD? (fear, uncertainty, doubt)? That China might ban Bitcoin miners in their country?
That…Bitcoin is 80% mined in China?

Pff…Sorry guys…I just have a hard time chickening-out, and I will tell you why:

First of all. China WILL NOT forbid miners do their thing :slight_smile: Look below for the news as Charlie Lee says, the founder of LiteCoin. I know, he was the one starting FUD but you might as weel take his word. If you had the bad inspiration selling on FUD, that was a big mistake and you should take a closer look. Actually, to be honest, I don’t think he actually wanted to create FUD with his tweet. He was just dum expressing himself.

Anyway, look below at good news regarding China vs Bitcoin on mining:

Now, to answer to the Bitcoin purists, let me put this into perspective !

NEM had a way faster growth than Bitcoin can ever dream, it’s younger, Bitcoin is much older, so…in the years NEM had, it made the milestone. Please look at the numbers below. They were taken from Jeff McDonald’s seminary in London.

Full clip below:

And by the way, I actually signed-up for that meet-up in London but due to my working schedule I couldn’t make it.

Bitcoin from 13 September 2015 to 14 September 2017 grew 18X (3.bB to 63b)
NEM from 13 September 2015 to 14 September 2017 grew 2625X ( 0.8m to 2.1b)

So, if NEM got to be 2625X in return in 2 years, what the hack is anybody worried about?