For NEM private chain

I have problem that when i run NEM chain , it stops after a particular height . Please suggest possible help.

I would suggest you please send log files or screenshots here into this forum thread first. Then, the tech experts can help. Your initial message is not really sufficient for them to assess this.

Hi. As I understand your node doesn’t synced correctly.
Could you check how much memory is allocated in start script (runNis) ? Try increase Xmx to 2400M.

Thanks a lot

Hi CryptoBeliever, I increased the Xmr from 500 to 2400M but when I try to run the it shows an error "Initial.heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size " so I again resized it to 1024. Now is successfully executed but after sycing some blocks again chain got stuck and I am facing the same issue again. Please suggest me what should I do now?

You should increase Xmx not Xms