FORGOT PASSWORD. Forgot Private Key

HELP please. I bought NEM ages ago. And forgot it now I just wanted to get back with the crypto world.
I still have the .wlt file
I have the address I think from bittrex
but I don’t have the private key and secret key.
I don’t really forgot the password, I know the phrase, BUT I made it so complicated with the Case, Comma, dot and etc, I already tried with different set and matches but no luck
Is there any clue in the .wlt file or something that can help me with this.
I already searched other discussion but they have their private key or ADB. and I dont have both :frowning:
If i have missed the discussion, sorry can you please give me the link.

Sorry for bad English.

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  1. What wallet you used? I guess it’s NCC because you mentioned advertising files but I need be sure.
  2. Did you tried login in NCC? BTW If you using NCC then adb and wlt files should be in <user_dir>/nem/ncc

Wlt file is enough to restore access (it contains private key encrypted by password) but you need to know password. If you are not sure what password it was then only was is brute force it if you have clues how those password looks like.


Hello. I think it was brain wallet? because I named the file as brain wallet.
I have also changed my laptop twice now. So i think i dont have those hidden files aside from this .wlt

I know the password, because it was a quote. but I just dont know the format (case, comma, or dot)

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Ok. Please tell me what wallet you used?
Was it NCC ->

Or Nanowallet ->

When wallet was created (more or less)?
If it was brain wallet then are you sure coins are still there (you can check in explorer if nobody steal it by guessing phrase)?

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