Forum doesn't allow create new account


One user from telegram report to me that he can’t create account on this forum.
I have checked this and indeed there is error :
“New registrations are not allowed from your IP address”.
For registration I have used Chrome for Android in incognito mode.

Could you guys verify this? I don’t know who should I ask that’s why I’m adding couple person here.
@BloodyRookie @Saul @mizunashi
Thank you


I do not understand at all.


@mizunashi new users can’t register on forum. They get “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address”. Screen attached.
Steps to reproduce (on my phone but user from Telegram use Mozilla Firefox) :

  1. Go to as not logged user to
  2. Click login
  3. Click Create new account
  4. Fill form. You get error as below (New registrations are not allowed from your IP address).


Is there a mechanism that makes it unusable from BAN by BAN?


And now I don’t understand your question. Could you reproduce it on your computer? Maybe because new users some spam protection mechanism was activated or maybe it was added?
Who is best person to ask?


I do not understand the system of this forum at all.
I do not know the official administrator, so I can not answer.


Ok. Maybe @BloodyRookie or @Saul can help.
Thank you


The forum software has a spam filter that is a bit overzealous. Unfortunately it does not take into account that some ISP providers will provide multiple users with the same IP.

Basically, if a user was banned, the IP used will become blacklisted. Now we have legitimate users, not able to join because someone with the same IP was already blacklisted.

I am looking into the best course of action here.


Is it still IP base? Although it seems likely that the possibility will expand yet if you access it with IPv6 and recognize it as another source address.


yes it is the IP and email that get’s blocked when the spam is detected. The most recent users that tried to join have been unblocked. They are welcome to sign up again.