Forum login problems

I have tried to login to this forum for several days and very often it would not allow me to login.
The message that appears is i something like this:
“You are not allowed to login from this IP address as user freigeist”.

What is the cause of this problem?
Have there been trials to access “hack” my account from the involved IP addresses?


The error was misleading. If you clear your browser cache for, you will be able to login as normal. I have updated the error message to better reflect the issue and proper resolution. We are also currently in talks with the software developers to get to the root of the issue, and prevent login issues in the future.

Sorry for any issues this has caused.

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I recently had the same error, when i tried to login repeatedly.
So i tried using a VPN, which worked, because of different IP-address.
Then loged out and in again without VPN and had no problem anymore since . . .

Still, people have problems with logging. Sometimes clearing browser cache won’t help.
Can we resolve it somehow? Maybe disable this IP address blockade if it’s working wrong?

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After one month I have finally manage to login again!
Was the problem resolved or is just pure luck? :slight_smile:

I will write here more detailed info about the problem that i had.

After you @Saul changed that message I was unable to login.
Deleting cookies did not helped out.
Using different devices on different networks on different
operating systems and using different browsers did not helped.

I have tried to register a new account like above by using
different devices, browsers, networks.
I have had again problem with message saying that
is not allowed to register a new account from my IP address.

I have asked few other users to try to register an account on my behalf
and they got the same IP error message.

In case the problem is not jet solved please report this details to the forum developer.


welcome back, glad you made it. we did all on our side


Same issue i was having after installing new windows OS and try to log in with already created account long time ago. Thanks for solving problem. Can you do everything in the future to prevent this thing from happening again?