FORUM TIPS: New forum users can mark all topics as read


When you first login you can see that there are a lot of unread topics. This was a result of the migration.

To mark them all read, go to Unread and the click Dismiss Posts.


Great tip @jabo38 I completely missed that option.


I have another tip.
There are some threads where you have to scroll for what seems like forever until you’re at the bottom. You can jumpt directy to the bottom via that green rectangle indicator in the lower right corner. Just click on it and select bottom.


There use to be another thread with all the ways that this forum was better.

Maybe I’ll try to remember some.

I know we have reply by email so no need to even log in to the forum.

And we have drag and drop pictures.


There are a lot of cool tricks, we should compile them and put them into a stickied wiki. Wiki is also another awesome feature of this forum.


I agree. A stickied wiki at the top of meta


Tell you what’s not better about this forum. When I’m posting something and my own post is presented to me like an update/ unread post. Like I need a notification for my own posts ?
Maybe one can deactivate that in the settings but that’s one hell of a useless default behaviour.

Overall discourse is leaps and bounds better than smf though.