Free stakes! I am giving away 50 stakes to people who were denied

I managed to claim many stakes. I am giving away 50 stakes to random people who respond to this message with bitcointalk handle and XEM address who did not get the original stake in 12 months from now. Very extended redemption to make up for “our dear leaders” who are greedy and chasing people away. I hope this will do something to fix the problem and to say sorry because they did not manage to identify my stakes as sock puppets so it is not fair to you, but now I can make it fair. :smiley:

If you also have sock puppets join me also. Lets make XEM great again! You got it for free, it is just money and we are all on this planet for a short time lets have fun.

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Dear Sir, hi,
well, I don’t know if I’m entitled, my handle is quasarblue, this is my address:

@quasarblue, you really believe you get something for free? No way! He probably is a scammer.


Hi BloodyRookie,
I see, there are many scammers going around.

Wow! My nick is same and XEM wallet is NCVSPZ-SWNUYK-CWDCPS-SPR7DS-Y5ERDG-KCYPQ3-ZVTJ

Maybe I will get my stake after all… People like you are the reason for people like us being blamed and excluded unfairly… but I suppose if you give the stakes back that will change things… it really sucks being called a sock puppet… but it has made me identify with- and appreciate how so many people in this world feel about their governments and economies in general… I sure know where and on what I will spend my money. NEM could’ve been a lot bigger if it didn’t have this shaky start. It can really heal this bitterness I have with NEM… and what became a false promise.

Unbelieveable! You call someone who is offering to clean up your mess a scammer? Did you ever look in the mirror and think about the promise you made to stakeholders?