Freelancers marketplace who accept payments in XEMs

Hi there!

We are developing a freelancers marketplace (like fiverr) who accept ONLY payments in XEMs. All marketplace will be based on NEM projects like:

  • NEM Auth to authenticate users in our platform
  • NEM Blockchain to tokenize transactions
  • Smart contracts to ensure payments
  • Mosaics as a interchange coin
  • and some gamification for users in the platform

We have some questions for you:

  • Sound good for you?
  • Do you know any existing marketplace based in NEM?
  • Is NEM Auth a good idea for authenticate users?
  • Is Mosaics an interesting idea for this kind of project?
  • Where can we find freelances who would accept payments in XEMs? (Are you interested in?) :grinning:

Ideas are welcome :hugs: