Funding proposal: participation to the main italian blockchain event aimed to real businesses - voting ended -

Dear Sirs,
on September 21, in Italy, NEM blockchain features could be unleashed to
an audience of 400, mainly businessmen, managers and executives of the italian industry and public sector,
all willing to strive to use blockchain to compete in the global market.
To be specific, companies in these fields:

  • food
  • luxury
  • fashion

are seeking ways to increase recognition and protect their brand products.

I’m asking to start a voting to fund participation of this event:

- Voting ended -


Funds required are 76000 XEM distributed in this way:
67000 XEM for event participation
9000 XEM for travel expenses of NEM Foundation member speaker and italian assistant
The numbers comes with EURO/XEM 0.22 exchange rate.

NEM Marketing template filled out with details of event is here:

Event attendant registration link:

Attach hereunder list of job titles and company names of actual subscribers
and event brochure.

Blockchain Business Revolution_sept 21_2017_Special_Proposal_For_NEM_Foundation.pdf (1.7 MB)

Iscritti BC 05_09_17.pdf (248.3 KB)

Hi Quasarblue! Thumbs up!!
Great to see you are making NEMs participation at that event real!
Hope all can get organised in time! I keep my fingers crossed. If there was anything I can do to help - let me know.

Here some timings

  • 5 discussion days starts today september 6, 9:00 am CEST. (UTC +2)
  • 5 voting days starts september 11, 9:00 am CEST
    (main post updated with link poll if feedback is positive)
  • voting ends september 16, 9:00 am CEST

NEM fund transaction window XEM to XEM account transfer
september 16, 9:00 am CEST to september 18, 9:00 am CEST

Event transaction window XEM to Bitcoin to Euro to SEPA transfer
september 18, 9:00 am CEST to september 20, 9:00 CEST

Is this feasible by people who guards fund’s keys?

Albert Castellana keynote speech, as stand alone interview
with slides support, covering:

  • NEM key concepts (POI and Private chain Mijin)
  • NEM enterprise focus: smart assets use cases
  • if there is time, COMSA ICO Platform for fintech

september 21, around 11:00 am CEST for 20 minutes

René! Thanks!
Please forward to your connections!

Cool guys.

I’ll attend this event with some other execs of my company - large (>4000 empl) worldwide ecommerce company.
I hope Nem can be present!


Let me know if you need flyers or business cards. I can send you the design for print.

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Dear Sirs,
the board members organizing the event, have
offered NEM a stand alone interview to explain its
blockchain so distinguishing features.
I report from their e-mail and update above post on timing:

Dear Fabrizio,

We thought for you a better proposal

- Albert will have a keynote speech - not at the round table but as stand alone speech, with slide support

Absolutely Confirm that he will be given a stand alone interview, too. He can explain NEM blockchain fundamental concepts that will be published on the web and shared on the newsletter with more than 60.000 subscribers and shared through social media too.

Regarding the language of you speaker, no problem about english-speaking speakers. This kind of target is used to workshops, conferences, meetings in English. It is useless in a Blockchain event to have a translator. We meet target who usually speaks English.



Mauro Bellini

Direttore Responsabile

mobile: 335485335


skype: maurobellini307

twitter: mbellini3

Via Copernico, 38 - 20125 Milano (MI)

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I’d like to remind here, for everyone wanting to,
the link for event attendant registration;

- Announcement of Voting -

Today is the start vote, use Nanowallet, utilizing the Voting Module.
The vote on the proposal starts now, the 11th of september 2017, at 9:00 CEST
and will last for 5 days.

The vote will be counted in the weighted POI of your account.

The Poll account:

link to Nanowallet

Thanks for your participation, your voice counts!

Voting method other than NanoWallet

If you are using the mobile wallet you can also just send zero xem to following accounts:



Either one can vote.
Voting for both will be invalid.

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Hi Rin,
how can I do the intersection with poll
and mobile votes?

Vote system is realized by remitting 0 XEM to simply decided address.
It is written in the transaction issued by the Vote creator as to which address you choose and which choice is chosen.

Developper’s are planning to upgrade the Vote system now.
At that time, it may update incompatible with the current system.

For this reason, detailed explanation will be omitted here.
Because only the document will continue to remain.