Getting error: api-node-0_1 exited with code 253


Hi, with the docker-compose file from catapult
now I tried to run api-node-0 and peer-node-0 on server A
and peer-node-1 on server B

After starting both A and B
the log on A(peer-node-0) shows error logs

api-node-0_1 | 2018-06-15 03:54:13.682375 0x00007fde14add740: (io::[email protected]) LockOpen failed: 2
api-node-0_1 | 2018-06-15 03:54:13.682719 0x00007fde14add740: (server::[email protected]) could not acquire instance lock “/data/file.lock”

catapultservicebootstrapthin_api-node-0_1 exited with code 253

any hints please?

Getting Verify_Error

You have to delete the file.lock in the data folder per service.