Getting XEM cheapest

  • Right now Coinmarketcap says 1 XEM is $ 0.287976.
  • And Google says “100 euro in dollars” is $ 118.22.
  • My calculater says I should get ~ 410 XEM for money.

What’s now, having 100 Euro in my North European bank account, the cheapest way to get as close as possible to these 410 XEM??

You can check/ask for the price in euro. Maybe it’s the cheapest way to buy in euro because they support EUR/XEM pair.

How do you buy your coins?

I buy via btc on bittrex. And bitcoin was buy by my on coinbase.

That’s what I did, too, several times. But I recently realized that the price shown in their dashboard is not nearly the one you finally buy for. So, for me last time 9k were shown, but then I had to buy BTC for 9400 Euro. In my opinion this is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, they make billions selling BTC… And then you have to pay another fee to send your BTC to Bittrex.

That’s why I am asking whether there is a cheaper way.

Check Maybe they have lowest fees and deposit costs.

At first I didn’t find a way to figure it out. Although, it’s probably interesting for you as well, because they definitely give more coins per Euro… Thanks, @CryptoBeliever!

are you now why xem unavailable on shapeshift?

Not. But on changelly they have some maintaining. Maybe same on shapeshift. I ask on fb both and give feedback when they answer.

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Looks like changelly now again supports XEM

@SuperSecretDude in case you stil have that question. If you buy ETH instead, transactions are a lot faster and cheaper (at least on the exchanges I use). Also it is possible to trade many pairs in ETH now directly.