Getting XYMs after snapshot, without opt-in procedure

I have 3000 XEM and i bougt it a lot of time ago on my Nem wallet. i missed “Opt in” procedure. How can i get my XYM’s? Can i get 3000 XYM in proportion on Symbol wallet after 15 march? Thank you.

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Hi, I have opt in for the xym and have wallet set up. But when I log into symbol wallet it ask me to update application for latest news. Where can I check that I have received the correct amount of xym?

Yes you can and will. But you need to wait for details on this.

Yes. There will be post launch opt-in process. You will be able claim balance at snapshot.
It will start in few weeks.

I don’t think you’re alone there!

Hello everybody,

I hope everyone is doing well given the circumstances. I’m new to the forum (my first forum) and would be happy if you can help me.

I didn’t know NEM | XEM until 5 days ago and thought I’d jump on the train. 1000 XEM bought and sent to the NEM wallet version 2.5.0. Now I’ve been very busy in the last few days and missed (symbol opt in).

Before 12 March in my binance account I had more than 9k XEM, but should i had make any procedure to reward with XYM (opt-in or something else)?

No. Binance will do it for you automatically.

Yes. There will be post launch opt-in process. You will be able claim balance at snapshot.
It will start in few weeks.

First of all, thank you for the quick answer!
I’ll just stop by here in the forum more often, then I shouldn’t miss the snapshot again. :wink:

would mean that if I send my XEM from the NEM wallet back to a Binance account / wallet, I don’t have to worry about anything and everything works automatically?

I thought you MUST have a NEM wallet and the coins must be on the NEM wallet to be able to take part in the snapshot.

Yes. You can do that. Just don’t lose access to account you held coins at snapshot block. Because without it you will be unable claim tokens.

HI, I am a new to the airdrop, have 5K of XEM on Swyftx, and do not get XYM on my wallet by now, please advice could I sell my XEM now and still have the same amount XYM left, thanks

if Swyftx support optin and distribution at all?

Hi. Anyone have an update on when and how we can claim our symbol post snapshot? Like others, i have NEM but didn’t opt-in pre snapshot.

I’m curious as to an update on this as well. I see updates on new partnerships and hackathons but I have yet to see an announcement or an update to the post launch opt-in.

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We should update regarding this very soon.