I just registered today after looking at MANY different projects and being sidelined with life matters before I have been able to find a platform (in NEM) and the time to write a quick summary on my idea.

I am disabled and thus buy almost everything online, I still walk and drive although not far.

In short I noticed we are actually doing things backwards as a society.

INSTEAD of governments, and companies constantly asking and storing and duplicating your data and then needing to confirm that information is correct everytime you wish to purchase something.

You the USER or Individual should hold ownership over this and allow “temporary time read/write” access to the original to SECTORS of INDUSTRY via smart contracts.
This via a simple soft sell GUI interface for the user would also enable “best price” shopping! Without a single phone call or form to complete.

Additionally for an INDUSTRY it would mean, all parties involved in the project have a 100% hit ratio on genuine purchase leads without the need for them to spend a cent on data retention and massive client retention reminder call back hit and miss style approach marketing.

Industries with instant use cases: Insurance, leasing, banking, loans, auto industry, real estate, white goods / electronics, government bills, utility bills, even a speeding ticket could be issued and paid on the spot or refused to pay and thus go to court! Just to name a few examples. No more paper bills, emails, reminder notices.
Anyhow I don’t want to go indepth here on how it would work, but you get the concept.

I have a MUCH more detailed, roadmap and strategic design plan, however given my disability and the fact I have not worked in the IT / Financial sector for a decade now, my knowledge at this point is more constructive theory than code.

But anyone willing to look at the idea in more detail, or discuss it I am more than happy to chat, as I’m not looking for personal gain as much as I am the idea that we can bring privacy back into people’s hands, just as Bitcoin has shown it’s possible to do so with the monitary system.

My initial thought was to wait for REDBELLY as it’s an unforkable chain, but NEM could easily work just as well using INDUSTRY subs linked back directly to the users smart contact and the user simply uses a GUI only to fill in ONCE their data, after that it’s updated via each industry via purchase acceptance (write time limit)

I have no idea if this is something that anyone is interested in looking at, but I think it would be a very USABLE and certainly SELLABLE usecase if someone was able to put in the time or raise capital to do it.

I mean virtually everyone wants to control their own private data in today’s world!