Global Hackathon Community's Choice Award 2018

The Finalists
We are delighted to announce the finalists for this year’s NEM Global Hackathon who have successfully submitted their final application entries.

Let’s discuss the finalists projects here. Last time for voting is 12th Feb.


Less than 2 days of voting left, don’t miss the voting !

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Top favorites so far are
Trash talk
Coz Solutions
Nem Supernodes

It’s curious that are 2 similar projects:
Nem Go and hunter

I have some thoughts:

Trash Talk. Who is gonna paid for recycling? Usually the citizens pay for collect the garbage with direct or indirect tax. Also I can see too many ways of trick the camera. I think the system has to be use for fine people who do not recycle properly.
Nem Supernodes: We have discussed with Mateus, the brazilian developer of this project in Nem red. The idea is move your vesting XEM to another multisig accout attach to one supernode and expect more rewards than if you are delegating harvesting by yourself.

I like nemgo and hunter. Can be the next step in marketing with location. I heard that some brands ran some events with this system (without using blockchain). People running in a big park looking for the treasure.

Social Cake, how many ICOS are trying to do the same concept? Artist, writers and content creators can distribute their content without third parties.
With NEM looks easy and the best thing, no ICO is necessary.

I’ll just mention the same thing I usually do:

Some of them don’t require NEM, let alone any blockchain. They show what sort of “cool stuff” you can do with a blockchain/NEM, but they don’t really tap into “killer apps”.

My vote is either for the real estate one or the messenger wallet!

Reverse recycle stations are very popular in Europe and this will help with sustainability initiatives for smart cities. Not many smart cities think about garbage.

They recently introduced a lot of reverse recycling machines in my town here in Australia.
But here is the funny part, the government raised the price of the product by the cost of its return value… so your just claiming back what you already paid for minus time and resources for actually going to the trouble of doing a return.

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Really nice projects! :+1:

Voting is finished. Is interesting that the project with more votes is not the project with more POI. Stay tuned. Soon NEM will announce all the prizes and winners.