Grab 100 XEM :)


100 XEM for the fastest one (it should be easy).

Below the QR code with the private key to the account:

The QR code is protected by a password (The fastest way to import it using a mobile wallet). The password is the answer to the question:

Like each of us (I hope) know in NEM a message can be attached to the transaction (up to 1024 bytes).
What was the first ever message sent on the NEM network?


Solved :slight_smile:

Correct answer: Good luck!
This message has been sent to accounts in the first block


Interesting quiz) so who is the winner?


Winner is owner of this address:


I found it too late :sob: This is very easy quiz :grinning:


There were real XEM??


Yes. Mainnet XEM (not sure what you mean by real ;))


Usually when I talk about real XEMs I am thinking about mainnet.
Because it has some fiat value in a market.

Keep going, :grin: I like that contests!