Grab some XEM :)

I think you are missing the rabbit there @xrltechcorner

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private key is case sensitive?


This passphase doesn’t work

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Private key is not case sensitive.
If passphrase doesn’t work it means it’s not correct.

We are not looking for a brain wallet here? Sorry I was stuck on it, and it is case sensitive

I assume that we have to find a private key whose public key matches the public address that has a reward.
Or do we have to get a public address using a brain wallet derived from some password?
Please, clarify.

@decentraliser Yes passphrase is case sensitive (but private key ofc not).
I hope @nemermind will not kill me but you should use lowercase passphrase.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Oh man, every hint you give is worse :joy::rofl: than before

I thought that we had to guess a private key not a passphrase!

Worst and worst :wink: Private key is last step.

I am using a count=6000 for deriving password. Is it ok?

I think you complicated it a little bit to much :slight_smile:
Ok, I’m silent now:)

Oh I see, … before I tried to sha3_256 the passphrase and use that hash as a private key, but it did not work.

The second hint is the length of phrase. it is 32 chars.

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The passphrase is built using the clues (text + number) bellow or is it mandatory to use an external website to get the passphrase?

Lowercase, and 32 chars. Does it have punctuation symbols too? Or only A-Z a-z 0-9?

next hint

Still info left. Will try tomorrow. :+1:

I already got the passphrase so you better hurry before I figure out what to do with it :smiley:

I have left 50 there and will take it in 24 hours :wink: