Grab some XEM :)


I know what to do but I don’t have the passphrase :sweat_smile:


Take it all, it is not worth 3$


next year it will be $50 :wink: To he honest it was never enough money to justify the effort. It was fun though :slight_smile: I offer another 100XEM if someone solves it in next 120 minutes :slight_smile:


That is very happy thinking.
XEM price next year multiplied per 16 or 17 times?
I doubt it. :innocent:

XEM is not meant for digital cash exchange, so its price cannot climb up too much, same as other cryptos like XRP, Stellar, etc…

Yeah it was fun! Crosswords are better IMHO.


I’m curious about how the passphrase was to be actually used?
I was trying to create accounts with brain wallets using the SDK, but it is requiring 12 words


Hint 4


took the rest :slight_smile: thanks for the cipher!

BTW. utf8tohex is technically not 100% correct because with some 32 char passphrases it could generate invalid private keys :wink: more like asciitohex


@Tono if you will find some time please explain how you solve it. Always better if person who solve it provide step by step solution :slight_smile:


Here is how I came to the solution of the puzzle :slight_smile:

Provided info was as follows:
:fox_face: NBZMQO7ZPBYNBDUR7F75MAKA2S3DHDCIFG775N3D 1 8 23 19 22 24 17 9

what I got out of that was that addresses were for 2 exchanges (see account info in explorer)
fox-poloniex-8 numbers
dog-zaif-4 numbers
number counts match numbers of letters of each exchange.

Then came hints of fox jumping over the dog, phrase having 32 characters and 1st letter being P and 20th being Z. That clearly indicated that the numbers are letter indexes in the phrase. Fox jumping over the dog had to fill in all the missing letters (20 of them). Took me a while to properly google “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. It is pangram and there are couple of them in English. One of the other pangrams on wiki has 32 characters - “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs”. Letters matched what I knew from the poloniex and zaif.

So the phrase was “packmyboxwithfivedozenliquorjugs”. After trying to hash it and create brain wallet per NEM documentation I realized that phrase is 32 characters - that is 32 bytes - that is also length of private key. Private key is represented as string of 64 hexadecimal characters (2 per byte) so I converted the string to hexadecimal string and took the prize :slight_smile:

And Happy NEM Year! :slight_smile:


Happy NEM Year!

Are you thinking about new xem :video_game: challenges?


Do you really want it?


Here is the Part 4




The first hint:
evens first


Solved now. And as usual we ask the solver to explain steps


Very fast and the same winner. :slight_smile:


seems no reply from solver, so there is the solution:

  1. playing with letters gives you SCENTS from odds and SILLY from evens
  2. googling silly scents you got a pack of crayola colors
  3. matching these color’s names and images
  4. convert this colors rgb hex codes to 66 hex private according to order of SILLY SCENTS


Interesting topic, but very complicated tasks.
I still wonder how Tono solved that Dog and Fox puzzle


Yes… something strange is nearby…

Could you be more imaginative with the puzzles :grimacing:?

For instance, I call this one NEM Tiles -> The big cube has a private key starting from upper left to down right.

Every colour has a specific hex code (0 to f).



No much fun (for the creator) when someone can solve in a couple of minutes when you spent more time to create it. But there should be also easy tasks when I (or someone else) will find the time.

BTW I will not stop you if you want put here your own puzzle :wink: