Happy New Nem Year. Things are Good

Yesterday’s development may come as a surprise to some. I would like to assure you that on closer inspection this scenario was quite likely. The self-imposed time window was very narrow. Based on previous experience with the private blockchain, this is also quite understandable. Unfortunately, as is so often the case in life, there were irregularities during the test and the expectations did not match the actual reality.

The decision to postpone the launch yet again is only right and normal. I don’t think anyone expected an unfinished, uncertain product to be released. NGL and the developers want to release it as soon as possible, and the community is pushing for a quick result. Personally, I think that after such a long time, it is appropriate to be patient. I have always been in favour of postponing it until later in the year.

For marketing reasons.
For testing reasons.
For a possibly safer and more positive publishing climate, through less covid.

However, February is now upon us and I think they have certainly given themselves some leeway. The important thing is that we don’t deliver anything broken.

Look forward to a community vote to set or maintain snapshot timing. I read a lot of posts on telegram last night that took issue with this view. I think it is fair and worthwhile that we are allowed to help shape and decide. It affects us directly or indirectly as fans, investors, developers and so on. Furthermore, it is not fair to place the responsibility on NGL alone, we should share the responsibility. My personal recommendation is to keep Snapshot in order to maintain some kind of continuity. It would show to the outside world that nothing has really changed except for a bugfix.

Finally, I would like to comment on the accusation of market manipulation. I have read posts that suggest that. It is certainly possible to at least trace the beginnings of this through chart analysis and account movements on the blockchain. So if you do not provide any evidence for this and propagate such allegations, I would ask you to refrain from doing so. The only thing I see are one-liners with claims that have no substance whatsoever.

At this point, all that remains is to wish the team and us in the community a happy and successful new year. Stay healthy and blessed. Don’t complain too much, it can always get worse. :wink:


Yeah totally agree with


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very creative, i hope this skill can be used in a more useful way. I just wanted to say that nothing unforeseen happened and wish everyone good health.