Harvester node worth 40$ a month with 21.000 symbol?

Hello. I have 21.000 symbol XYM. Is it worth to rent a harvester node on allnodes wich costs 40$ a month ?

With 21k Symbol you can expect on average something like a block per month.

Today one block is worth 174 XYM, this number will go slowly down: in less than 3 months from now it will be 167 XYM.

If you harvest on someone else’s node today you can get something ranging from 128 to 174 XYM with no expenses at all.

If you have your own node you can convince other people to harvest on your node and eventually take 45 XYM per block harvested by them.

Do your math.

Feel free to join me by delegating to xym631.allnodes.me – the 47 next blocks harvested by someone other than me get a 85% node reward kickback (i.e. I’ll send you 85% of the node reward), after that I’m shifting down to a 20% kickback.

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