Harvesting on Raspberry Pi 3 B Tutorial (10050 XEM needed)

EDIT: Today I got my XEM vested. It doesn’t really work like it should. Don’t do this.

Hi. If you want to run a harvester on Raspberry Pi do this.

Download Raspbian (PIXEL).

Run your Pi. Connect it to the Internet with ethernet cable or by using wifi. Run this in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

On my Pi it took like 30 minutes so be patient. During the upgrading process I had to type “Q” and “Y” + Enter. That’s all.

Then, from my PC, I registered on cayenne.mydevices.com so I can leave my Pi anywhere and check it from any device. After that you already can access the Pi from your PC remotely if you want to.

Download the latest version of the Nano Wallet. Today it’s V 1.1.11.

The newest version of Raspbian PIXEL (and after updating and upgrading) comes with ‘zip unzip’ package so I was able to extract NanoWallet without using a console. Right Mouse Button -> Extract here. Then you simply click start.html and there you are.

I couldn’t create a new account on my Pi, so I signed up on my PC. I guess that Mainnet is the one to go. I’ve created a strong password. Then I uploaded the wallet.wlt that was created to my Google Drive, shared it using bit.ly, downloaded on Raspberry Pi, imported the file, typed the password and signed in. That’s it. You should now reboot your Pi and test if the Cayenne works.

The wallet itself doesn’t work very good on Pi. It works, but sometimes you will see a function’s name and you can’t check what’s your address on Pi. It’s best to let it run on Raspberry, but operate everything from your PC. To get your address you need to click the “person” icon.

I transfered the XEM that I bought in a matter of seconds. Nice. Then you go to “Manage delegated account”, send 6 XEM to activate the “harvester”.

It says that: “Once an importance transaction has been included in a block it needs 6 hours to become active. After that, you’ll have access to node selection and start/stop commands.” so I need to wait for that and than a dozen days for the harvester. I hope that everything will work great!

My dream is to run a supernode. You can support me here.

EDIT: Today I got my XEM vested. It doesn’t really work like it should. Don’t do this.

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Are you sure a Raspberry Pi 3 B is strong enough for a supernode?


You don’t need Nano on your Pi to harvest. Harvesting is delegated which means you use a distant node to harvest and it forwards the block fees you earn to your account.
If you want your account to harvest using your Pi, you only need an NIS running on it, so your Pi become a node. Then from Nano on your computer (after you have 10’000 XEM vested and your remote status is active) you can enter your Pi address ip and click start.

Only NCC with local harvesting need to be kept open because it rely on your local NIS.

I wasn’t thinking about that, probably it won’t be sufficient enough. If I ever run a supernode it won’t be Rpi for sure.

Thank you! I’ll look more into it.