Harvesting rewards 2

Do harvesting rewards depend on number of XYM I have in my wallet ?
I’m using delegated harvesting.
Can I buy more XYM to get more rewards ?

The amount of reward per each harvest is almost same. But if you have more XYM, you can harvest more frequently. So yes, if you have more XYM in your harvest wallet, then more rewards you can get.

Thank u , much appreciated .
Could you please tell me if I want 135 XYM everyday how much coins do I need to keep in my wallet ?
Basically how much do I need to harvest one block everyday

Based on the current harvest difficulty, you need around 1M XYM to harvest everyday.
This could change in the near future when many exchanges start listing XYM.

There are some nodes that don’t take node share, or send some bonus for each harvest.
You don’t need to take my node, but I don’t take node share, so you’ll get about 182XYM/harvest :slightly_smiling_face: I’m asking small monthly voluntary rent tho.

If you are interested, here you can find mode detailed description.

How do I find your node ?

This is my node url: xxx-welcome-to-a-powerful-node.com
Do you know how to setup harvest from your Symbol wallet?

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