Harvesting status always inactive?

Why my account Harvesting status always inactive? I thought i can close my PC, but when I close the browser tab and open it again, it becomes inactive.

I am using Brave browser + Trezor.

Even I don’t close the tab, I leave my pc and tab on 24 hours, it is still active but not harvesting anything.


To check correctly if you are still harvesting wallet must know node where you started it.
For Trezor wallet profile is created each time you login so wallet don’t store information about selected for harvesting node beetween logins. So when you see that wallet is presenting that you don’t harvesting after logout and login it means it don’t know where to check. If you set node manually it should present correct status (active). But you still harvesting.

If you don’t harvest anything in 24 hours is nothing special. How many blocks you will harvest depends on your importance score (and this depends mostly on stake). If you have around 15000 XEM you will hit 1-2 blocks per month average.