Hello. Curious about a few NEM things

I hope this is the right place to post this. If not I apologize. This forum is displayed somewhat odd on my phone.

This is a little bit technical and maybe a little business related. A group I work with is looking to implement a token for our startup, and Nem seems like a good place to do what we need. We are not having an ico, and you cannot purchase our tokens. They are essentially utility. I’ve researched Nem and catapult a bit and I have a few questions. Well I have tons of questions but only a few i want to cover here.

When catapult is publicly released do mosaics need to be recreated or do they persist in the new “engine”?

Structurally/ legally speaking , how are The Nem dev team, foundation and mijin actually related to one another ? Who owns catapult?


Good questions @Strompy. I think @jason.lee @n3lz0n or @Jaguar0625 could answer that.

Hello there,

As we are discusing around NIP-8 for the Catapult public release, it is not entirely decided how the data from NIS is to be migrated.

It is most likely that mosaics will not be migrated to Catapult and that such a migration would be delivered by some tooling. Decision is not fully made. I invite you to try and visit the NIP from time to time if you wish to get a status update - That is where we will be announcing such details. (I will probably post an update here on the forum when issues settle, too.)

Regarding catapult ownership, Catapult is an open source project which you can find all resources for on the nemtech organization: https://github.com/nemtech as well as docs here: https://nemtech.github.io

You could see this as a shared-ownership where foundation asks core to get public chain developed further (origin of catapult is to “improve NEM” iirc) but core has interest to build catapult further for private chains as well (due to hybrid characteristics). In the end, it belongs to Public Domain so you can get your own private network out there saying you are the owner of it and I don’t think you will be breaking any licenses as Catapult is released under Apache 2.0 license.

I may be wrong but I preferred to try and give you an extensive answer on this :+1: